2018’s 4 Best Bitcoin Wallets for Android Mobile Device (Reviewed)


In this post, we will talk about “2018’s 4 Best Bitcoin Wallets for Android Mobile Device (Reviewed)”. Mobile devices are the most used computers generally, and nothing provides a more convenient and easy way through which one can send Bitcoins than a mobile wallet. No bitcoin wallet is the overall best, as different wallet types serve different purposes. Nonetheless, the more secure a wallet is, the better.
Because Android mobile operating system is by far the most popular worldwide, most mobile wallets run on Android. This review is aimed at showing you the very best Bitcoin Android mobile wallets from which to choose.

4 Android Mobile Wallets
1.  Mycelium

Mycelium is the most popular and one of the best Android mobile wallets. As far as mobile wallets are involved, there isn’t a more secure wallet, which offers privacy for its users. Mycelium does this by allowing you to use Android mobile wallets together with a Hardware wallet, hence maximising mobile wallet security to the highest and also because it is open source.
It is also an HD (Hierarchical Deterministic) wallet, which generates new addresses each time you want to make a new transaction; this makes transaction tracking by hackers practically impossible. It is also comparatively easy to use, and very fast, but more experienced users may like it more than newbies.
Mycelium allows you to manage multiple accounts and create backups so that in the event of the loss of your Android phone, you can retain your Bitcoin. The GPS-assisted Bitcoin trading feature it offers enables one to trade Bitcoins with those around. Mycelium is frequently updated.

2.  Breadwallet

Having a mobile wallet for Android and iOS only, Breadwallet it about the easiest Android mobile wallet to use, offering you two basic options, “send” and “receive.” It also gives you a recovery phrase, so that you can recover your Bitcoins if you lose your phone. It is open source, meaning it is void of malicious files and also uses QR codes to send Bitcoins.
Bread wallet comes in not less than 19 different languages, and even if it does not offer some advanced features, it is recommended for all kinds of users.

3.  Airbitz

Airbitz released its Android mobile wallet version in 2015 and is a known name among wallets. Airbitz has a uniquely easy-to-use interface (user-friendly) and offers a wide variety of features. Through Airbitz, one can send Bitcoins over Bluetooth, and it contains a directory of merchants who accept Bitcoin as payment.
You can also top-up your mobile phone with this wallet, using Bitrefill and buy discounted gift cards with this wallet, all so that you can enjoy your Bitcoin experience with your Android device.

4.  Copay

Copay was developed by Bitpay and is well known by mobile Bitcoin wallet users. Copay is known for its multi-signatory feature, which allows more than one person to own an account, so that even if your phone is stolen, or security is breached, no transactions can be made. Copay uses the open source code; this means the program is open for viewing by different programmers. Hence it is free from malicious files. Apart from being an Android mobile wallet, Copay also has iOS and desktop wallet versions.
Never open Android mobile wallets, without backing up or having a recovery phrase, if not, should you lose your phone you will also lose your Bitcoins. Other reputable Android mobile wallets worthy of mention are GreenAddress( or GreenBits), Jaxx and Blockchain wallet. Be sure to download these wallets from a reliable source such as Google Play.


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