Automated Bitcoin Trading Software: BTC Robot (Reviewed 2018)

BTC Robot Introduction?

BTC Robot is an automated BTC trading software that monitors bitcoin price increases and decreases and then recommends when you should buy bitcoin or sell bitcoin as a trader to make a profit. It makes bitcoin trading very easy because you do not have to study how to trade bitcoin or spend hours researching or learning how to trade bitcoins before you can buy or sell bitcoins, it just does all the hard work and research required of traders. No need to sit and watch charts or buy expensive VPS servers, BTC robot is easy to use. It claims to be the “first automated bitcoin trading robot and the world’s first commercial multi cryptocurrency robot as stated on the website It is a custom programmed expert adviser that trades bitcoin. BTC robot’s trading engine was developed with a team of Russian programmers and bitcoin traders. Related reading, see: (How to Trade Bitcoin (BTC) – Best Bitcoin Trading Strategy)

Why BTC Robot?

It can automatically:

  • Run all day, 24/7
  • Calculate market depth
  • Chart market patterns from bitcoin trading plaza
  • Estimate breakouts and calculate market indicators
  • Study market trends and then estimate the right time to sell or buy bitcoin.

So, it minimizes losses and corrects mistakes if any is made within the shortest possible time.

How to use BTC Robot?

  • Open an account at a bitcoin trading exchange.
  • Deposit an amount of bitcoin or U.S dollars or whatever currency that the exchange accepts.
  • Buy a BTC robot software, download and install it
  • Get a brokerage account at any MetaTrader for a brokerage that offers bitcoins or USD as a tradable pair or instrument and then installs the latest Metatrader (preferably from one of It’s preferred brokers because it is installed in their MT4).
  • Activate BTC robot so it can start trading for you.
  • Withdraw your profit.

BTC Robot is 100% autopilot and claims to be completely human error free, however; it requires a subscription to one of its plans before you can use it. There are three subscription plans available, the silver plan, gold plan or platinum plan and they range from monthly to yearly subscription payments. Its preferred brokers are FX choice, Tallinex, and CCM. This automated software does not charge any commission on earnings, neither does it share or partake in users profits. It is free, there are no hidden costs, but they make money from license fees. Its 2.0 operating system runs on most Windows versions including XP, Vista, Win7, Win8.x and Win 10+. For Mac, you have to sign up for a VPS at Tallinex or FX choice before you can run it on your system. You can also start trading with as low as $100. It is important to know that BTC robot does not promise 100% winnings. Your computer has to be on all the time to access this software, or you could sign up for a free VPS with any of their preferred brokers, but it is subject to certain conditions. If your Internet connection gets interrupted, no problem because the robot resumes trading from the point, it left off. Your account is also, very secure because the robot does not log in to your account or collect any login information.

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