How to Get Bitcoins – 9 Ways to Earn Bitcoins Fast and Free in 2018

Earning Bitcoins – Introduction

As we have talked recently about Bitcoin Trading and Bitcoin Faucets, Now In this post, we will talk about “How to Get Bitcoins – 9 Ways to Earn Bitcoins Fast and Free in 2018”. Everyone seems to be keen to earn free Bitcoins, especially because this currency is constantly appreciating in value. It may be quite necessary to state beforehand, that there is no way to earn large amounts of Bitcoin fast and free at once, without risks, but there are a handful of ways to earn it in small amounts, which will amount to something substantial overtime.

Top 9 ways to earn Bitcoins Fast & Free

Here are the ways you can earn the number one digital currency, bitcoin free and fast.

  • 1) Bitcoin Margin Trading

This is the safest and most profitable way to earn Bitcoins free and fast. Bitcoin margin trading involves the borrowing of Bitcoin from an Exchange when Bitcoin is at a certain price and selling it when the Bitcoin price has increased. It provides large amounts of profits for the margin trader, or if things turn bad, it can end in no profit.

Because of the large risks involved, margin trading is rather for professionals than amateurs. Nonetheless, Bitcoin margin trading is permitted for both.

  • 2) Bitcoin Mining

As previously we discussed Best Bitcoin Mining Softwares, which are used in bitcoin mining process to solve the problem and helps in storing the bitcoin transactions at the blockchain.

Bitcoin mining offers a fast way to earn Bitcoins, and if profits are made, it can also be considered as a freeway also. Bitcoin mining involves lots of mining power, technical know-how, electricity costs, and time and is also risky. As usual, the more risky, the more profitable.

Bitcoin miners, after successfully mining, earn a reward of 12.5 BTC, and after the mining cost is deducted, the remainder serves as freely earned Bitcoin. Related reading, see Top 10 Bitcoin Mining Pools )

  • 3) Bitcoin Lending

As there are several ways to earn free bitcoins online. There are several platforms which offer Bitcoin owners, the opportunity to lend their Bitcoins. This Bitcoin is usually lent to margin traders, who pay back with interest. Nonetheless, there are also Bitcoin banks which lend Bitcoins for interest.

This is the easiest way to earn Bitcoins without working but is also risky.

  • 4) PTC (paid-to-click) websites

This is one of the free bitcoin earning ways. PTC websites are quite famous among Bitcoin users. They are reward websites which usually host advertisements, which when clicked on, earns money for the website owners, who in turn pay the visitors who click on and view this ads or websites. You need to be good at btcclicks tricks.

The website owners usually tag these advertisements, to lure their visitors to click on them. The money earned from this task is usually very small, therefore if you wish to make something substantial, you will have to finish many tasks. Hence it is time-consuming. Related reading, see: 10 Best Bitcoin Earning Sites (Free/ Paid – Comparison))

  • 5) Playing games for Bitcoin

There are many sites which reward for playing games online. These sites pay you according to how much time you spend playing games, the score you achieved or the level you completed. The money made here is very little and here, time is money. An example of such a site is ChopCoin, and the site also allows you to meet other people and socialize.

  • 6) Bitcoin Faucets

Previously there were “instant pay bitcoin faucets and instant satoshi faucets”, but its hard to make free bitcoins today. Bitcoin faucets are websites that pay people very small amounts of Bitcoin for visiting their site. Because of the recent incident with Google AdSense, many Bitcoin faucets have been disabled. Bitcoin Faucet owners make a large amount of money from the huge traffic they enjoy, which runs into millions of viewers per month.  The more the traffic, the more money is made from ads hosted on the faucet site.

The viewers earn money in Satoshi (0.00000001 BTC), therefore although faucets give free money to the visitors, the faucet owners are the ones who earn Bitcoins fast and free here. Related reading, see Google Adsense and the End of Bitcoin Faucets)

  • 7) Reading books to earn Bitcoin

There are some online sites which pay, for reading books for a certain length of time. Paid Books is one such place, where one gets paid in small amounts for reading a page for 10 minutes. This is better, for those who have reading as a hobby, it is a nice way to get paid for doing what you love.

  • 8) Bitcoin Gambling

This is probably the most rewarding way to earn Bitcoins free, as Bitcoin can be doubled or even tripled, in mere minutes, nonetheless, it is for experts. American Roulette, Blackjack, Minesweeper, Casino War all offer Bitcoin gambling.

There is more chance of losing all your Bitcoin here, than not, making it the riskiest.

  • 9) Bitcoin Affiliate Marketing

This is rather like a referral program, where you promote a site or a product and get paid by the owners or producers if someone patronizes them because of your promotion. For instance, someone can promote say, Antminer S9 on their site, and get paid some commission if another person buys this miner from that site. It is a pretty easy way to earn free Bitcoins.

What Investors Know which You don’t

Please, do not ever follow online Ponzi and Pyramid Bitcoin schemes for free money, they have a “law,” they must crash. Bitcoin faucets can also be fraudulent at times, not paying you after you complete your tasks on the faucet, therefore choose only the best. While you earn Bitcoins free and fast, always be careful to watch out for your internet security.

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