Google Adsense and the End of Bitcoin Faucets – (2018 Edition)


Recently, Bitcoin faucets have had a hard time operating with Google AdSense for some serious reasons, in fact, most accounts have been disabled. One may ask how Google has the right to do this, but it seems there are rules for these faucets which operate on AdSense accounts, and even the tasks such as completing a reCaptcha, is a Google service. Here is why this is happening.

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is a Google-run program which basically allows a website (in the Google Network of content sites) to choose ads which will be displayed on that site. This program enables you to serve target advertisements on your site, which are relevant to the content and audience of that particular site, and it takes into consideration your geographical location also.

Google does this by running a JavaScript code on the pages of the website; this code attracts advertisements from Google which are related to the web content. The principle seems pretty easy, those who want to advertise products or services through the Google’s targeted advertisement system, have to enroll via Google AdWords, and then those who want to host targeted advertisements enroll with Google AdSense, and Google does the pairing, choosing which advertisement goes where.

This program is very useful to sites, especially small websites which have no resources to seek out advertisers or the required popularity to attract advertisers with juicy pay. All these websites have to do in order to increase their income, is to increase their web content and sign up for Google AdSense. The more people view these ads on your site or click on them, the more your income from Google.  In fact, AdSense is the highest source of advertising income.

What has Bitcoin faucet got to do with Google AdSense?

Since Bitcoin faucets pay visitors for being active on a website, they attract a shipload of website visitors, running into millions of visitors per month for even average websites. Now, website owners who are signed up with Google AdSense who wish to increase their income can do this in 2 major ways:

  • Advertising your website online (or using other media)
  • Running a faucet ( in this case, a Bitcoin faucet)

Therefore, websites which are signed up with Google AdSense, who also run Bitcoin faucets have just about the largest traffic. Spammers and hackers love Bitcoin faucets and create multiple accounts, in order to zap more Bitcoin from these Bitcoin faucets. Bitcoin faucets usually increase their number of visitors by running a referral option (introduce more people to the site and get more pay). Related reading, see Bitcoin Faucet for WordPress (Earn Free Bitcoins))

So basically, Google AdSense was used to monetize Bitcoin faucets.

What’s next for these Faucets?

It is certain that now, you can no longer monetize your Bitcoin faucet website, using AdSense. The operation of faucets using AdSense breaks a lot of rules, and there are no target advertisements for AdSense.

Nonetheless, since these faucets can still run outside AdSense, there are a couple of alternatives I would recommend, such as:

  • CoinAd, which is a Bitcoin network which pays you in Bitcoin for hosting ads.
  • Cointraffic, which pays in Euros for their ads.
  • Mellow Ads, which is just ok.

Using these alternatives, a Bitcoin Faucet can still make reasonable returns. But it might be a wise decision to just quit the faucet as Bitcoin networks such as CoinAd, only accept the faucets with the highest traffic.

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