3 Methods to Buy Bitcoin With PayPal Instantly in 2018


In this post, we will talk about “3 Methods to Buy Bitcoin With PayPal Instantly”. PayPal is a financial service that can be used to make payments using a secure Internet account with them. All you need do is register by signing up with your email address and a password on PayPal.com and then add your bank account or debit card or credit card details. It is available for iOS devices and Android devices; you can also sign in through any regular browser.

To make payments with this service, you can either set one of the aforementioned methods as your default payment method or choose what credit card to use. PayPal does not share your financial information with sellers, and they offer buyer protection for eligible purchases. It is free to open an account and make purchases except there is a need for currency conversion then a fee will also be charged when you receive money into your account.

Buying Bitcoin with PayPal

It is important to know that the service does not allow people exchange bitcoin for PayPal credit. However, there are ways to still buy bitcoin with it, and they include the following:

  • 1) Through Virwox

Virwox is the market for second life Lindens (SLL) is a virtual currency used in Second Life game. You can buy SLL with PayPal through Virwox and then exchange it for bitcoin, but a fee is charged. So basically what you do is:

  • Open a Virwox account
  • Deposit some money into the Virwox account with the service
  • Purchase SLL with your money
  • Buy bitcoin with the SLL
  • Withdraw your bitcoin into your wallet

Know that as you create a Virwox account, you also need to have a bitcoin wallet so that you can maintain control of your bitcoin. Related reading, see (A REVIEW OF THE BEST BITCOIN WALLETS)

  • 2) Through a PayPal debit card

This is available to people in the U.S. if you reside in the U.S, you can get a debit card and then buy Bitcoin with it at very low fees. All you need do is open an account on Circle and then connect your debit card to your profile after which you can buy bitcoin. For each purchase, the amount of bitcoin you buy will be deducted from your PayPal balance.

  • 3) Through local bitcoins

Local bitcoins is a website on which sellers and buyers are connected. You can find a bitcoin seller via this platform at the nearest location to you or anywhere in the world. All you need do is search for a reputable seller on Local bitcoins and then agree to make a trade. You can then pay the seller via PayPal.

Expert’s Opinion

Note that you should be wary of online websites that claim to sell bitcoins with PayPal and if you intend to meet a seller face to face, ensure you take proper security measures for your safety. Some safety measures you can take are:  make sure you meet with the seller at a public place preferably with many cameras and use public transport to reach the location where you intend to meet the seller so that there is less tendency for your car number to be taken and tracked.

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