Best Bitcoin wallets for IOS device 2018


In this post, we will talk about ‘Best Bitcoin wallets for IOS device‘. Bitcoins are very precious, and every Bitcoin owner knows the value of wallet security. There is actually no best Bitcoin wallet, different bitcoin wallet types have different features and are for different devices. Hence, there is a huge reason why you should know just the best bitcoin wallet to use for your specific device or purpose.

Generally, Hardware bitcoin wallets are said to be the most secure, but they cannot be used with mobile phones. Therefore Software wallets have to be used, yet Software wallets for mobile devices are tailored specifically for the different Operating systems, Windows, Android, iOS and others.  Apparently, Bitcoin wallet developers choose the Operating system they prefer to make a mobile wallet for.

What are Mobile Wallets?

Mobile wallets, especially online mobile wallets, are the least secure wallet types generally, so we will take you through the best bitcoin wallets specifically for an iOS device and how to keep it as firmly secured as possible. Nonetheless, storing your Bitcoins in exchange is even less secure, so after buying Bitcoins. Here are the best wallet options for an iOS device user.

1- Breadwallet.

Breadwallet deserves the top spot because using it is as easy as buttering bread. This wallet compared to others also has excellent security, and in the event of loss of access, it offers the user the possibility of recovering data using recovery phrase. Breadwallet also updates itself very frequently, to keep up with cyber threat, while being very cost effective.

Official Website:  Breadwallet

2- Copay.

Copay was developed by Bitpay, all well-known names in Bitcoin security. Copay has good security and offers a special cosignatory feature, which allows more than one user for the wallet. This means all the signatories must give permission before transactions can be completed. It uses open source code which is the reason for its good security. Nonetheless, Copay cannot boast about charging the smallest fees.

Official Website: Copay


Airbitz is the most popular mobile Bitcoin wallet out there for both an Android and iOS device, which also has excellent security. Airbitz is very concerned about the safety of your bitcoins. Therefore it uses both two-factor authentication and recovery phrase. It also allows you to pay via Bluetooth, has a directory, which shows you merchants which accept bitcoin and ways to buy certain things. It is very user-friendly.

Official Website: Airbitz


Mycelium is a very popular mobile Bitcoin wallet which has very good but complicated security. Hence it is not exactly user-friendly, especially for newbies. Mycelium ensures anonymity of its users and operates at high speed, for transactions. It also offers a cold storage feature to its iOS device users.

 Official Website: Mycelium


The Blockchain is a classic mobile Bitcoin wallet for an iOS device, which offers pin codes, two-factor authentication and uses QR codes, all to beef up security. It also allows you to exchange bitcoins directly for other cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum. You can choose to view your balance in bitcoin, thousandths of Bitcoins or millionths of Bitcoin. It is also open source and can boast of security integrity. Blockchain mobile wallet shows multiple exchange rates but does not update as frequently as Breadwallet or Copay.

Official Website: Blockchain

Expert’s Opinion:

It is worthy to note as the owner of the mobile iOS device, that if your phone gets stolen, the security of your mobile Bitcoin wallet can be breached, hence a strong pin code to lock the app is necessary. The iOS mobile Bitcoin wallets can be used to send Bitcoins quickly by just a few taps.

Finally, never store large amounts of Bitcoin on the wallet of your iPhone or iPad device.


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