Next Best Cryptocurrency Altcoin Steem to Invest in 2018

Altcoins offers safe future for cryptocurrencies rather than the Bitcoin because of various reasons like fast transaction speed and low transaction costs. New investors and crypto-traders prefer to invest in altcoins and cheaper cryptocurrencies rather than bitcoin because of comparatively low price and expense. Additionally, Altcoins are based on much-advanced technologies and therefore transactions complete in seconds, unlike bitcoin.

Since there are a lot of altcoins in the market now, increasing many new coins every day, and obviously many of these new coins are just jump and dump and thus can cost heavy loss to the new investors so choosing a right coin to invest at a right time is very important. The key is to understand fundamental key for every coin.

There are so many reasons to choose Steem for a safe investment. Some of the important reasons are as below:

First of all, Steem offers the light speed transaction which will be very helpful to make trades safer and less ambiguous. Secondly, there are no transaction charges, so your calculations are smooth and transparent every time you make a trade.

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These charming reasons have helped to boost the Steem in months and the total volume of transactions have crossed one million barriers in no time and haven’t slowed down yet, unlike what happened with cryptokitties of Etherium. The most charming reason for Steem’s unparalleled success is their massive bandwidth, which is not even used a single percent of the whole yet.

Steem currency is generated and used in Steemit platform which is a new social network. This social media cum blogging web application pays the users and initiators to create and share new content on the network. There is also a currency named Steem Dollars (SBD), which was initially planned to reach equal to one dollar. But the price SBD has crossed $16 these days which is a sign of the massive success of Steem platform.

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There are many opportunities and ways to earn Steem-coins and Steem Dollars on this platform. Steem money can be upgraded to the Steem Power, Which basically affects your rating weight of your worth. This Steem power decides how influential is your vote for some decision and how much your vote is worth.

Suppose 100,000 Steem power is equal to $100 worth of votes. But on the other hand, someone with 50,000 Steem power is worth barely $10. As the number of content creators is increasing in this platform, more and more investors will join and enhance their influence.

Same just as you know the power of Facebook and its influence, Steem has that much potential in it for the future. Users of Facebook and other similar social platforms generate all the activities and only the platform owner gets all the profit of it but the Steem offers the rewards for every click and every share you make.

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Steem is also going to launch its Smart media tokens this year. Which will enable every user to create their own tokens and start crowdfunding and fundraising for their innovative ideas. This will help current businesses on this platform to monetize their websites.

Besides that, Steemit is also introducing Smart Media Tokens next year. This means anyone can create their tokens and do crowdfunding or raise funds in some way. It will also help existing businesses to further monetize their websites. Because Steem price is only at $2.50 these days and a transaction just takes 3 seconds to complete so in our opinion the potential is there.

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