What is Web Mining? Monetize Your Website through User Browsers

What is Web mining?

Web mining involves the direct extraction of data or specific information from the web using data mining techniques. Web mining techniques usually involve the use of algorithm techniques to obtain information from the web either from web content, web hyperlinks, server logs or web services and documents. Web mining procedure is aimed at analyzing and deriving necessary information from the web data obtained. Through web mining, facts such as texts, organized data, lists, tables, images, video, audio or other graphical contents can be gotten from any part of the World Wide Web.

Categories of Web mining

  • Web structure mining.

This involves the process of studying carefully, the connection pattern and structure of a website. It gives information such as how a website is connected to other sites and also, the structure of a particular website, which involves how its pages are connected to each other.

  • Web content mining.

Web content mining deals with extracting useful information from the web contents, which could be texts, images, video or audio files. It utilizes natural language processing (NLP) techniques.

  • Web usage mining.

This is the process of getting information from server logs, to understand the activities of the users of a web page. It focuses on the visitors or users of a web page, revealing where the users came from, types of activities carried out by them on the site, how many clicked or visited an item, how long they stayed on the page, how many times they have visited the page, how many people have visited a page and so on.

Information gotten from web mining (especially from web usage mining) can determine how much money should be made by a web, and apart from advertisements on websites, commonly known as Ads, there is another way to monetize your website, which is through using web browsers.


So, how does web mining work?

Firstly, it may be important to state that web Ads provide revenue for websites, but recently, due to the availability of free Ad blockers such as Adblock Plus, AdBlock, AdNauseam, viewing of these Ads have become optional by the visitors of these websites. When fewer people view the Ads on a website, revenue gotten from the Ads decreases.

Therefore there is another way to monetize your website via user browsers involving cryptocurrency. This process works through Coinhive. Coinhive is a Monero (XMR) mining software which works on the web browser of the users who visit a website into which Coinhive has been integrated. Unlike Bitcoin, Monero is a digital currency that can be easily mined with a Desktop or Personal computer. When a website using Coinhive is visited, and permission is granted by the visitor, then the CPU of the cooperative visitor is used to mine Monero. The mined Monero is then shared by the website and the Coinhive owners 70%: 30% respectively. Of course, the amount generated by the website from the web mining will then depend on the number of visitors and the time spent on the site. Coinhive, therefore, makes a cooperative visitor, a Monero miner for both Coinhive creators and the website visited.

Conclusion Paragraph

The difficulty involved in mining Bitcoin, makes Bitcoin mining impossible by personal computers, nonetheless, using a browser known as The Brave Browser, Bitcoins can be allocated to websites. It is still an improving process nonetheless, and we should see more ways to monetize the contents of the web using cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency, therefore, has become good news for websites.


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