Coin Mate Exchange Review, Account Opening & Trading Guide 2018

Coin Mate – Introduction:

Today we will talk about the Coin Mate exchange. In this article, we will talk about how a user can open an account on the Coin Mate exchange, its merits demerits, public opinion, fees, how to trade via Coin Mate exchange and in the end answers to frequently asked questions from the user’s point of view. Coin Mate is a well-known exchange. Coin Mate is an exchange where the user can buy and sell the Bitcoins with the real exchange rates. Coin Mate is a European platform, established in 2014. It is one of the largest exchange concerning to the volume of the exchange. Coin Mate carries Bitcoins worth 208,235,308.54 euros at their platform. A user can quickly trade via Coin Mate exchange. An individual can buy and sell Bitcoins with just one click. There are some simple options available for those who are interested in selling and buying Bitcoins within seconds. Advanced trading is also available at Coin Mate exchange for those who wanted to follow the market events and monitor their trading. Coin Mate exchange is a fast, reliable and secure trading platform. Speed is important for Coin Mate that’s why they offer instant funding options for Bitcoins compared with other exchanges. Sofort bank and Money Polo deposits and withdrawal allow the user to withdraw and deposit funds instantly. Coin Mate is serving financial industry since 2006 so, according to them, they know it is a crucial thing to keep the funds of the clients separate from the operating capital. Coin Mate state that in case of any bankruptcy of the company, clients will get their full account balance.  Security of funds is also important. Coin Mate uses three types of Bitcoin wallets including Hot, Cold, and Super Cold. Only the hot wallets are online and contain a very small amount of Bitcoins in them. A user has to get through the two-factor authentication to secure his account.

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