Top 10 Best Ethereum Mining GPUs of 2018 (Comparison)

Ethereum Mining GPU – Introduction

Ethereum Mining
Ethereum Mining

In this post, we will talk about “10 Best Ethereum Mining GPUs 2018 (Comparison)”. Cryptocurrency mining has become a new area of interest in recent times; this activity has to lead to the development of new specialized computers for this purpose. To mine a cryptocurrency is like getting free money, considering how valuable these coins are. Ethereum, being the best alternative to Bitcoin, has caught the attention of even more miners, as Bitcoin mining is much more complex.

Generally, crypto mining requires special math puzzles to be solved, for a reward which serves as the miner’s profit. Initially cryptocurrency mining could be carried out on the CPU of PCs (some still support such), however, as more blocks are mined, mining difficulty increases and this calls for the use of more efficient equipment, with higher computing power. Therefore, mining GPUs are required. GPU stands for graphics processing unit, and it is basically an electronic circuit, which aims at manipulating memory, to display the result. Ethereum can be mined on a PC with a good GPU and a good graphics memory.

Therefore, an Ethereum mining GPU is simply a GPU which is used to generate hash power for mining Ether.

What makes the Best Ethereum Mining GPU?

Ethereum Mining
Ethereum Mining

Generally, the best GPU for mining Ethereum should be one which requires the lowest possible power usage, to produce high hash rate (performance per watts). One can use a gaming graphic card to mine Ethereum, if it is powerful enough, nonetheless, a powerful GPU does not mean a better GPU. When Ethereum mining is involved, profitability is very vital, most powerful GPUs consume a lot of electricity and give less profit. Related reading, see: (10 BEST ETHEREUM MINING POOLS TO JOIN (COMPARISON)

Based on these considerations, here is a reviewed list of the ten best Ethereum mining GPUs.

Top 10 Ethereum Mining GPU

  • 1) Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070

Nvidia GTX 1070 is the best for the mining of Ethereum because it produces very high hash rates for very low power. This GPU can also be used for gaming, and for Bitcoin mining. Therefore it is very versatile. It is a little expensive, but if you are into cryptocurrency mining full-time, it will prove worthwhile. It has a high memory capacity of 8GB and a power draw of just 150W for a hash rate of 30mh/s.

  • 2) Nvidia GTX 1070 Ti

GTX 1070 Ti has 1920 CUDA it is also very fast and more expensive than 1070. It uses an 8GB GDDR5 memory and runs at 8GBps. It uses 180 Watts to mine, and when the temperature gets above 60°C, the fans are turned on to regulate temperature.

  • 3) AMD Radeon RX 580

This mining GPU is a very efficient mine; it generates a hash rate of 29mh/s while consuming just 135 Watts. It is also much less expensive than the Nvidia GeForce while being almost as quick. Radeon RX has a memory of 8GB and has very good cooling. To find this GPU is really difficult, due to high demand.

  • 4) AMD RX 480

Still a part of the AMD series, RX 480 is an older GPU which still mines very well. It has 8GB GDDR5 ram and with a power draw of 150 Watts. The hash rate it produces is 28mh/s, and because of this, it is scarce to find. RX 480 is also cheaper than the RX 580 and is a cheap way to join the mining world.

  • 5) AMD Radeon RX Vega 56

This mining GPU provides the best performance for its features. It proves to be a faster mining GPU than the Nvidia 1070. It uses an 8GB HBM2 memory but requires 210 Watts of power. It has a good mining performance, but mines at a high temperature. It is pretty expensive but is still difficult to find.

  • 6) Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti

This GPU is a better performance than the Nvidia GeForce 1070 but is more expensive. It has a hash rate of 32mh/s and a power draw of 250 Watts. It uses an 11 GB GDDR5X ram and is very good for 4k gaming. This should have been the best option for Ethereum mining, but it will offer a low return on investments for the mining rig.

  • 7) AMD Radeon RX 470

Radeon RX 470 is a good mining GPU, with a good price also. This GPU has a 4GB and 8GB model, the 8GB model just being a little more expensive than the other. It has a board power of 120 Watts, and just like other RX GPUs, it is not so easy to find it.  It has a beautiful design but is priced pretty close to the RX 480.

  • 8) AMD Radeon RX Vega 64

This GPU is another one of the RX Vega series, which rivals the Nvidia GPUs. It uses the 8GB HBM2 (High bandwidth memory) and a power draw of 295 Watts. It is powerful for mining and quite faster than the GTX 1070. However, it is extensive.

  • 9) AMD Radeon R9 Fury X

This is the first new GPU from AMD, in months. It has a wonderful performance and uses a 4GB HBM memory. This GPU has a water-cooled design, in addition to its fans, making it operate without as much heat as the other AMDs. It requires a power draw of over 340 Watts, which is very high.

  • 10) Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080

This GPU has a wonderful performance and a great design. It uses the 8GB GDDR5X memory, and because it is 20-30% slower than the 1080 Ti, it is also less expensive yet costly. It has a power draw of about 286 Watts and has a good hash rate power also.

Is Ethereum Mining Really Profitable?

Mining GPU's
Mining GPU’s

The interesting thing about mining GPUs is that they are regularly updated, that is, new versions in the same series are released. With the relatively lesser difficulty involved in Ethereum mining, the GPUs will be able to mine at a hash rate power and consume electricity but still be able to yield profits for the miner, unlike those of Bitcoin, which tend to diminish mining profits, with each new release.

Expert’s Opinion:

A necessary advice for prospective miners is this: If Ethereum mining will not be very profitable, or if it will prove too difficult, you can always obtain Ethers through an Exchange. Before you go for mining, Read the following article as well:


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