5 Best Dogecoin Faucets of 2018

While we at this point already know that there are tons of cryptocurrencies and altcoins available, one of the ones that is a little cooler than most is Dogecoin. The name “Dogecoin” is gotten from its affiliation with the Shiba Inu dog from the “Doge” Internet meme. It had all the intention in the world to be a playful cryptocurrency, however, a few people believed that it was a joke currency. This is possibly due to the way it was released in late 2013. It immediately developed a strong online community, reaching a capitalization of US$60 million by the first month of 2014. However, as a result of their fast growth pace, by December 2017, its capitalization has reached a whooping value of US$1 billion. It had a significantly fast initial coin production schedule. So fast that by mid-2015 100 billion Dogecoins had been mined. Designed to get to a wider range of people than bitcoin, this cryptocurrency has pushed boundaries and grown stronger than it was expected to over time.

What are Dogecoin Faucets?

Faucets are basically the same as what we call a reward system. What happens is that it is created in the form of a website or application and its job is to dispense rewards and gains in the form of a “satoshi”, (a hundredth of a millionth BTC) These rewards are dispensed at various majorly predetermined intervals or time lapses for the completion of simple tasks. Visitors can claim the satoshi in exchange for completing a captcha or task as described by the website or application. Faucets that dispense alternative cryptocurrencies are also available. Generally, Faucets give fractions of a bitcoin; however, the amount is prone to flunctuating according to the value and amount of altcoins. The amount paid out on every transaction is usually less than a thousand satoshi, but some faucets could have bigger rewards.

In order to reduce the mining fees, faucets would normally save up these small individual payments in their own individual ledgers, and it would then be added up to make a larger payment that is sent to a user’s altcoin address. One of the best ways to get Satoshis the fastest is through the use of referrals. Doing so is as simple as telling another friend about them or by employing the usual affiliate marketing style. You simply give out your referral codes or links that are provided by the faucet site under “Referrals” or “Affiliates”, to people you know, or even general people you can reach. You have then register and when they do so using the link you provided, you get a commission on every of their collection. This usually ranges from 10% to a very high 50%, depending on the site’s policy and its terms.

Top 5 Dogecoin Faucets

  1. Moon Dogecoin

One of the best Dogecoin Faucets available today is the Moon Dogecoin. Moon Dogecoin is a dogecoin faucet that allows you to make the final decision on how often you want to claim your free dogecoin. Generally, most faucets only allow you to claim it once per hour or even once per day, Moon dogecoin on the other hand, allows you to claim it either as often as you choose or as less as you like. Interestingly, the faucet will fill up quite quickly at first but it will gradually slow down over time. This is at least until you make a claim. With the Moon Dogecoin faucet, the longer you set it aside and leave it alone, the more you will be able to claim. Depending on your preference, you may prefer to claim a smaller amount every few minutes, or just go there once a day and claim the large amount that has built up while you were away. The latter is usually the most preferred option.


  1. In (Free Dogecoin)

Another wonderful name on our list of top Dogecoin Faucets is the Free Dogecoin faucet. By popular reviews, this ranks as the best DogeCoin Faucet whereby you can obtain from 0.7 to 145.000 Dogecoins for every roll! You even have the opportunity to roll it once every hour. It is absolutely easy and quick to use. You have the opportunity claim approximately 9+ Doge every hour, and you can also use their multiplier feature to get more from them. It is perfect for Dogecoin Faucets.


  1. Coinmine

Coinmine is a popular name as it works for a wide range of altcoins. The Coin Mine, as it is called, is a faucet whereby you can claim multiple popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, MintCoin and Reddcoin. You also have the opportunity to earn their In-House TCM Coins for doing basic tasks. You can even cash out TCM Coins into any of 9 unique coins including Dogecoins. In the coin mine, you can earn huge bonuses for participating in the competitions available on the site. Note that there are 4 different ways to claim from on this site and you can claim them from together at the same time. In essence, you get four times the amount of cryptocurrency! You can cash out from the faucets at a very low rate too so you could always convert any coin into your favourite currency when you cash out. It is a great option for Dogecoin Faucets.

  1. Dogecoin Puddle

Dogecoin Puddle is one the fastest paying faucets and it is loved by a wide range of people. Dogecoin Puddle also pays out 15 dogecoin every four hours. All you have to do is solve the captcha and the free satoshi would be yours. It is that easy. It has a generous referral program so you can get your friends to sign up and you can all enjoy the benefits.

  1. Land of Dogecoin

Land of Dogecoin is one of the Dogecoin faucets that combines a clean faucet which is theirs, with a list of handpicked faucets. They only use the best faucets that pays really well. They also are sure to check every incoming request manually. Land of Dogecoin currently has a listing of over 22 premium Doge faucets and you can also submit possible faucets to them. They are basically a hangout for dogecoin faucets and you would love it.

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