The 6 Traits That Define Great Leadership

Today we are going to talk about “The 6 Traits That Define Great Leadership”. Previously we talked about HIGH-PERFORMANCE HABITS THAT WILL MAKE YOU SUCCESSFUL.

Many colleges and universities produce good employees. Almost all of them do not focus on developing successful entrepreneurs and leaders. But then again, it must be noted that these qualities are inborn 80% of the times. Leaders are born. Although this is a universally known truth, yet I would like to add that leadership qualities can surely be induced in an individual, given the right conditions.

In this article, I’ll discuss common personality traits of good leaders. If you wish to groom your personality into that of a good leader, read on!

A Good Leader is Highly Charismatic

When they speak, everyone in the room listens. It is not difficult for them to steal the spotlight and gain due attention.

Good Leaders are Empathetic

Good leaders have to be considerate of their subordinates’ feelings. They do not have a hard time considering themselves in the shoes of others.

They Find a Balance in Life

To become a good leader, one must find a balance between his personal and work routine. They find a moderate way of living and effectively handling the two matters at the same time.

Good Leaders are Diplomatic

They are capable of making diplomatic decisions. These decisions are the best for all involved parties.

Easily Approachable

Good leaders are always easily approachable. Sub-ordinates can easily come up to them with their issues, having the confidence that their boss will resolve them in no time. As a good leader, a person has to become trustworthy.

Teammates and Sub-ordinates Genuinely Praise Your Leadership

Whether you are present in a room or not; people always praise your way of dealing with matters. They like you and stand up for you even in your absence.

These traits are just the most prominent ones from a large pool. Try to develop at least these in your personality to groom you into a good leader.

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Nobel Prize

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