Frequently Asked Questions by an Interviewer

Today we are going to talk about “Frequently Asked Questions by an Interviewer”? Previously we talked about HOW TO PREPARE FOR AN INTERVIEW? and IMPORTANCE OF BODY LANGUAGE IN AN INTERVIEW.

An interview is one of the many steps towards starting a successful career. So knowing well about Frequently Asked Questions by an Interviewer is a key.  The hiring process is full of various steps and tests; they start from having an impactful CV to interviews and sometimes attending formal tests and practical demonstrations. So, it is very important to prepare yourself accordingly if you really need that job. Interviews are usually daunting for many people but believe it or not; you can prepare half of the answers at home because 50% of the questions are usually the same for all job interviews. Therefore, we are jotting down a few main questions for you which can be prepared and rehearsed at home before the interview. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions by an Interviewer.

Tell us about yourself

This is usually an opening question for the candidate. The purpose of this question is to start the conversation with an introduction. Try to keep it short but relevant, include all your achievements, skills and other background information which is completely relevant to the employer because this is the point where they either develop an interest in your story or reject it, so make sure you nail this question.

Where do you see yourself in next 5 years?

This question can be confusing for many candidates, but it is asked to measure your ambition and motivation towards the future merely. You need to answer this question without thinking too much and with full confidence in order to impress them because every employer wants to hire people with broad vision and goals.

Why should we hire you?

The interviewer gives you a clear chance to sell yourself because a number of candidates apply for the vacancy and now it is up to you how you reserve that spot for yourself. Try to give your pluses and explain how you will benefit the company.

In next story, we will talk about HOW TO PREPARE FOR AN INTERVIEW?

How to prepare for an interview
How to prepare for an interview

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