How to Answer “Would You Like To Ask Us Anything” in an Interview

Today we are going to talk about “How to Answer “Would You Like To Ask Us Anything” in an Interview by an interviewer”? Previously we talked about HOW TO PREPARE FOR AN INTERVIEW? and IMPORTANCE OF BODY LANGUAGE IN AN INTERVIEW.

Some say the term ”interview” stands for knowing each other; it is a two-way process where the interviewer and the interviewee try to understand each other in order to see if they are suitable to work together whereas, an interview is usually misinterpreted as a single sided process. A candidate has an equal opportunity to ask questions.

Many interviewers conclude the interview on this specific question where they ask the candidate whether he/she has any questions for them or would like to ask the interviewer about anything and most of the candidate say “no, thank you” which is a big mistake, one should never say no, there should always be something to ask them, a couple of wise questions will leave a good impression on the interviewer. Remember,  your concluding remarks will most likely to be remembered by the interviewer. Below are a few questions you can ask them as a candidate.

Is there anything that is bothering you in my CV or do you need more clarity on something?

It is a good opportunity to clarify things that are confusing before leaving the room. An interviewer will surely share his/her thoughts after this question and make sure you try to convince them if they point out anything in your CV/resume.

Ask a question about the company or the position

A question related to the vacancy is always good to ask since it will show your enthusiasm and interest in the job, you can ask about the team you will be working with if get hired, or it can also be a technical question. Not only this, you can ask something related to the company such as its main clients, management, hierarchy or your chance at career growth. Such positive questions will leave a good impact on the interviewer.


Frequently asked questions by an interviewer
Frequently asked questions by an interviewer

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