Importance of Body Language in An Interview

Today we are going to talk about “Importance of Body Language in An Interview”? Previously we talked about HOW TO PREPARE FOR AN INTERVIEW?

The ladder to a successful job interview is to prepare for it beforehand. Many candidates try their best to practice the best possible answers to the questions that the interviewer could ask, but it should be kept in mind that your “verbal” answers are not enough to impress the interviewer because your body language plays an important role in delivering the message. Therefore, it is very always helpful if you prepare for an interview in front of a mirror, it will allow you to notice and correct your body language.

Imagine someone is walking down for an interview looking around nervously, stumbling, not making eye contact with anyone or having an uneasy body language, while on the other hand, someone is making a confident entrance, walking nicely, greeting the receptionist with a smile and does not look nervous at all, who would impress you more? Your answer must be the second guy/girl. Similarly, when you make an appearance for an interview the interviewer will not only judge you for what you say, but your body language will make a great impact on how they treat you. Remember, it is always up to you to either leave a good impact or a bad one.


For a good impact on an interviewer make sure you have dressed up professionally, you must maintain good eye contact while talking to them, do not forget to smile confidently and not arrogantly, listen carefully when they speak to you and answer appropriately, do not fidget or touch your face repeatedly, unusual movement is also a hurdle in a conversation, make sure you have put your phone in silent mode, if they go for a handshake make sure you make a nice firm and confident handshake.

Following these simple tips will help you get to stand out among other candidates and will become your success.

In next story, we will talk about TIPS TO WORK EFFICIENTLY AT OFFICE


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