Key features of an impressive CV/Resume?

Today we are going to talk about “Key features of an impressive CV/Resume?”. Previously we talked about CV and Resume.

A resume or CV is a document that helps the employer to get the basic introduction of the candidate regarding his past and present in a very summarized way where they can identify if the candidate will fit their company or not, therefore, investing your time and money in order to have a good resume is a good idea since this document helps the candidate to get the interview call and get a chance to meet the employer to discuss everything in a detailed manner. A good resume or CV should have following points to be impressive and persuasive:


A resume or CV needs to be free from all the mistakes; it is very important to get your document checked by a professional to find any error or mistake in it whether it is related to grammar or format. A document with errors will never get you shortlisted since it gives the impression of the carelessness of the candidate.



A well-designed document is always attractive; it is a competitive world and employer usually get bored pretty easily if your resume or CV does not stand out among other applications, it will end up in a trash bin if the candidate does not focus on its look and format.

Exclude redundant information

Many people tend to overflow this prestigious document with redundant information, it is very important to understand that employers usually just skim through the document, so it has to be on point only; if you add extra or useless information in it the hiring manager will get annoyed since he has to go through various applications in a day. So, try to avoid any information that is not required or relevant to the employer.

These important tips will get you shortlisted for the job, so give it a try and find out yourself.


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