What is A CV?

Today we are going to talk about “What is A CV?”. Previously we talked about THE 6 TRAITS THAT DEFINE GREAT LEADERSHIP.

Most of us get very confused when it comes to differentiating between a CV and a resume because every place has its own application process and required different documents. Nonetheless, both of these documents serve almost the same purpose, and that is to disclose your skills and background to the potential employers. However, there are a few major things that actually help differentiate both the documents, below are the details for drafting out an impressive CV.

Purpose of a CV

The word Curriculum Vitae is a Latin word which means “course of life,” so it is pretty clear that a CV is all about your life’s background which consists of professional and educational background only and not your personal history about relationships. It is usually required to see candidates’ potential to become the part of an organization or institution; it should state your skills, projects, academic qualifications, presentations, professional experience, volunteer work and other relevant information.


Length and layout

As discussed above, It is the documents that consist your relevant history and achievements so its length can be 2-3 pages with the sufficient information to help the employer know about your background. It should consist your accurate contact details in order to help them get in touch with you. The layout and design of a CV should be kept highly professional, avoid using bright colors at all, do not use fancy font either.

It is very important to check for the errors or possible mistakes because everything has to be accurately mentioned as this document is the main source of your authenticity, so it is always better to get your CV checked by an expert before sending it anywhere as it will ensure your CV makes the right impression on the employer and gets you through the application process.


How to answer would you like to ask us anything in an interview
How to answer would you like to ask us anything in an interview

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