What is a Resume?

Today we are going to talk about “What is a Resume?”. Previously we talked about THE 6 TRAITS THAT DEFINE GREAT LEADERSHIP.

CV and resume are usually confused with each other because some companies require CV and some ask for your resume so people consider it as the same document whereas they are not, the differences are noticeable in many terms which will be discussed in this article but the most important point is to understand whether the employer asked for the resume or a CV, because you simply do not want to mess up.


The purpose of this is to briefly describe your professional history which can give a clear overview of your skills and qualification to the employers; it can consist of your educational qualifications, professional experience, your contact details and other useful or relevant information such as a list of technical skills and achievements. These details should be written in a way that allows the HR manager to get all the information within a couple of minutes.

Layout and Length

As stated above, It needs to briefly explain your relevant history to the employer or the hiring manager. Therefore the length of a resume should be no more than a page as it is a summary of everything and not a detailed narration of events.



Another great aspect that differentiates between a CV and a resume is the customization. A CV is a document that includes everything about you so it does not need much of an editing, whereas a resume is a document that should be customized and designed specifically for the job you are applying for because it is very important to add the relevant information only and extract the irrelevant parts. So It should use all the necessary keywords in order to get you through the screening process of any vacancy, the more you customize the resume, the more you are likely to get shortlisted.


Frequently asked questions by an interviewer
Frequently asked questions by an interviewer

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