Human Trafficking- Stop It Now


Human trafficking is the trade of humans most commonly for the purpose of sexual slavery, forced labor or sexual exploitation for the traffickers or some other people. Human trafficking is spreading dangerously speed in the whole world. This kind of business has already ravaged thousands of homes and also making its way to dilapidate happiness of many more families.

It’s quite shocking to believe that it’s the third largest criminal activity in the world. It can truly call as modern day slavery. Most of the gangster groups of the world are said to be the leaders of this criminal business.  They have profuseness this industry into smaller parts throughout the world. As we have also noticed that some modern day celebrities and actors are said to involve in this crime. As far as this fact is concerned that this industry is multi-billion dollars criminal industry. In the modern age, everyone is striving its best to be a more rich person. This fake struggle sometimes drives one to the path of crime. Many of people involved in this business are from smaller towns and villages and working for their ringleaders. They have been constrained to kidnap children and young girls.

This fact is quite noticeable that 80% of this human trafficking is comprised of ladies and teenage girls. They brought up for sexual exploitation. International labor organization had declared this ratio in front of the world that girls are forced to do sex for others. They are kidnapped, beaten up and sexually abuses by the others.

Some of the victims of human trafficking have also told this mournful fact that many of the teenage girls are being kidnapped only for sexually abuse. They had been raped several times by different people and sometimes they also lost the battle of life in this regard.

Children and women are said to be prime victims in this sense. Children are also used for forced laboring and sex. After sexual trafficking, involuntary servitude is the biggest sector of human trafficking. Children and men are being brought by fraud or by force.

Some other kind of business also appears and that is organ harvesting. Sometimes the victims are only brought up for this purpose. They had been killed and their business is started after taking out their organs.

Some countries of the world are specially downgraded for human trafficking including Thailand, Malaysia, Colombia, Cyprus, Qatar while Myanmar, Sudan, and Haiti are currently among the worst offenders for human trafficking.

Human trafficking has become a practice and it is shameful fact for modern age people. It is an essential need of time that some serious steps should be taken to eradicate this criminal business.

This is now a transnational problem and all countries are affected by this crime. No one has its perfect solution to stop human trafficking but the government of each country should have to set laws against this. Proper punishments should be implemented for rule breakers.

It is important that implementation of this law should be applicable to every person despite his high designation or reputation. If some senior officer caught as the culprit, he should also be punished.

Resources such as time and money should be enough to accomplish the mission. Police service should be reliable enough that any victim can contact them from getting relief of traffickers.

Last but not the least awareness of human trafficking should be spread worldwide using every available platform.

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