Reports show that weapon against terrorism has been spreading all over the UK, but you won’t have recognized them. They are in use at Arsenal Emirates Stadium. Architects now structure them into the designs of most new buildings and they are called “Hostile Vehicle Mitigation.” You’ve probably met those attractive bollards or sculpture along busy London roads before and dismissed them as a pain when you’re trying to pass the road. Well, we should all show sign of appreciation because they actually serve as a weapon to protect and guide us from the terrorist attack like the recent Westminster terror attack.

The recent horrible event that happened in the UK forms a major inclusive part of the revealing latest weapon. It could be called that a knife-wielding assailant driving a sports utility vehicle mowed down panicked pedestrians and stabbed a police officer outside parliament on Wednesday in a deadly assault, prompting the quick evacuation of the Prime Minister and revealing the threat of terrorism in the United Kingdom.

However, no less than four individuals, including the attacker, were executed and no less than 40 others harmed in the befuddling twirl of brutality, which the police said they expected had been “enlivened by worldwide psychological warfare.” It had all the earmarks of being the most genuine such ambush in London since the destructive tram bombings over 10 years back.

All through the turbulent evening, ambulances, and intensely outfitted security officers thronged the range outside parliament, as one of the busiest segments of London was cordoned off and evacuated.

The number of casualties apparently included five South Korean visitors who were overpowered by a group escaping the scene, South Korea’s Foreign Ministry revealed that three men endured cracks and a lady had surgery for head harm.

It is pertinent to note that there is heap of approaches to stop these psychological oppressors in their tracks it not only an issue of showing steel bollards and railings everywhere though they are effective. It may be as basic as setting discreet but obstructive street furniture, for instance, seats or signs or, on account of Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium, a solid sculpture of some sort.

Meanwhile, mixed reactions have emerged from top security experts as regards the latest weapon. Terrifyingly, the butchery on Westminster Bridge isn’t the first run through autos and Lorries have been utilized as weapons against regular citizens. What’s more, it’s probably not going to be the last.

Regardless of some of these mixed reactions, we hope that the new weapon will ensure the safety of lives and properties of UK residents and neighboring cities. In mounting some of the weapons, we should consider other locations where there are large numbers of people, such as public spaces. Although these required large sums of money but you could argue that that’s a victory for the terrorists. We call on more technological experts to rise to their responsibility by ensuring more breakthroughs. The lives of the citizens should be more precious than gold.















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