Tips to Work Efficiently at Office

Regular office routines make us lazy or less active. Haven’t you ever wondered how you were so efficient and active in the early period of your career? That’s because you had a lot of energy and time to invest in daily office tasks and now it all has been invested once and for all; you don’t feel as active and as you used to, even some of your simplest tasks are always at pending. Procrastination makes things tougher. Nonetheless, you can always start fresh by adding a few minor changes in your daily routine, which are as below:

Get a Good Sleep:

It can be little hard for workaholic people but it is very crucial to incorporate good night’s sleep in your daily routine. Sleeping is referred to “restarting “your mind for better functionality, just like you do to your gadgets of daily usage such as mobile phone, laptops, etc. Sleeping properly makes your mind fresh and prepares it for the upcoming day.

Adopt an Active Lifestyle:

People who are more engaged in healthy and active lifestyle are always more energetic and contribute more towards their success, that is a fact! When you do physical exercise, your mind automatically starts to function more efficiently and lead you to the desired goals of the day and ultimately to life’s goals. So grab those running shoes today.

Make a To-Do list:

Making a list of your duties can actually make your life very easy and organized, it sets your priorities. Your mind will be at ease when you have already prepared a To-Do list. Morning is the best time to make this since your mind is fresh and thinks clearly. Usually, this list does not have to have many details but if you can break down your tasks into smaller tasks, it will become even more helpful. Give it a try!

Keep Away from Distractions:

Life has become very distractive since the beginning of this new technology era. It is hard to focus on one task solely, because of distractive notifications and emails received via mobile phones, especially. It is always better to keep mobile phones on silent and check your email after you have completed one task (please note, if you have a job that requires your availability every minute then this point needs to be ignored).

Take Small Breaks:

When you work continuously and do not take small breaks, it impacts work quite negatively. It is not necessary to roam around the workplace to freshen-up but one can always take mental breaks. This trick will help you in working efficiently. Usually, 90-minute intervals are ideal for workplace.

Don’t Take Lunch at Your Desk:

Lunch and tea breaks are there to give some relaxation to employees, it is very important to do your lunch at lunch room or go out to a nearby café. Because, if you eat lunch at your desk, you will not be able to find time for personal commitments or even think outside of the box – when you move around, you are actually giving your mind some time to think proactively.


Socializing at a workplace with your colleagues or even connecting to your family via mobile phones is also a very under-ratted formula to be active at an office, but it actually works! Diverting your mind from work is for a few minutes is what keeps you stress-free

Avoid Multitasking:

Try not to get involved in so many things altogether at work, multitasking does not allow you to focus one particular task and this is the reason why most of us end up procrastinating important tasks or they keep hanging in between, but when your focus in on single task, it allows you to be efficient, attentive at work and chances of errors are also very less.




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