World Award Series- Read about ‘Noble Prize’

Since 1901, every year at 4:00 AM PST, of December 10th, four masterminds of chemistry, physics, physiology, and literature are celebrated in the grand banquet hall of Stockholm, Sweden, and a Peace Prize is peacefully awarded in Oslo, Norway. These awards are a token of appreciation from a man who was a genius himself. He was Alfred Nobel, born on October 21st, 1833. He was a chemist, writer, philanthropist, businessman, industrialist and most importantly the inventor of dynamite. On November 27th, 1895 he signed his third and last will dedicating a bulk of his fortune to outstanding people like him. He nominated; Swedish Academy of Sciences for chemistry and physics, Karolinska Institute in Stockholm for Medicine, Academy in Stockholm for literature and a Nobel committee of five persons elected by the Norwegian Storting for peace, to give away a documented approval of Nobel Prize along with a Nobel medal and Nobel diploma on his behalf.


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