Foods to Avoid at Night

According to researchers, an ideal time to stop eating food is between 6 pm to 8 pm but if your routine or other factors require you to eat dinner at odd times, you need to make sure what you eat is healthy, safe and it must be served at least three hours before bedtime. Not only this routine will make your lifestyle healthy but will also help you achieve desired goals, whether they are to become slim, to maintain weight or to keep muscle mass. Below is the list of some foods that should be avoided at night:

Fast Food:

Nutritionists will always the emphasis on minimizing or better eliminating your intake of fast food such as pizza, burgers, deep fried foods etc. because these foods do not provide any energy to the body and are also very hard to digest for your system.  Fast foods will only have negative effects on your body so try not to eat them.


Nuts come in the huge variety and are considered one of the best snacks in the day time if you are hitting the gym regularly because they contain so much energy and nutrition which our body needs while working out. Nuts are also very helpful in cold weather as they provide energy to stay warm and to assist the body in normal functionality, but nuts should be avoided at night.

Citrus Juices:

Juices like orange, grapefruit, lemonade etc. are not healthy as night snacks, and they are quite acidic and cause trouble to the body. However, such juices are highly recommended in the day time as they help the body to increase the process of weight loss. They also help the body to release insulin.


One should avoid pasta at night because of its richness in carbohydrates and contains high calories, for example, one small bowl of pasta can contain up to 400 calories. Pasta is quite useful if it is taken in day time when your body needs energy and can also burn it properly since it takes time to digest and helps in feeling fuller while you are trying to maintain diet for weight loss, whereas, it is difficult for our body to digest pasta at night and can cause acidity problems.


Yes, it is pretty bad to read chocolate on this list but it is true. Chocolate is rich in caffeine and causes sleeping troubles due to caffeine effect that does not allow the body to relax and fall asleep easily.  It also affects body tissue at night. So try not to eat chocolates unless you want to stay up for hours.

Chilies and peppers:

Our bodies need relaxation to fall asleep uninterruptedly and spices are a good source of fast metabolism which can let you stay awake for hours. Chili and other spicy foods can also cause heartburn at night for many people. So if you are a spice lover, take them at day time.



Over-eating is one of the main problems if you are gaining weight or are struggling to fall asleep at night. Eat till you are 80% full and at least with three hours of gap between eating and sleeping so that your stomach can function properly and allows your body to relax and put you in the sleeping mood. It is recommended to watch your diet at night and you will know what is happening and what needs to be controlled. Good sleep is always required to the human body to lose weight, maintain weight and more importantly, to function normally. Therefore, if you want to have a good change in life, start by simply controlling what you eat before bed.

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