How to Make Money Through E-books 2018

How to Make Money Through E-books

In today’s world of publishing, creating books has been made easier for several people. You can now publish your book online and get it to reach your desired audience. You do not necessarily need to get rejected by a traditional publishing company before taking advantage of the online publishing platform. This is because, with several online publishing sites like Amazon Kindle, you can now publish your book by yourself. It has been made easy to the extent that you can get your book published online within a matter of clicks! How amazing could that be? Then, the next question that comes to your mind is; how do I make money through these e-books? Before that, it is important to skim through what the concept ‘e-book’ is all about.

To start with, an E-book is an online or electronic version of a book. As opposed to the traditional books, e-books can be purchased downloaded online. It can be written and created by anybody. E-books cover a variety of subjects ranging from fiction to nonfiction, science, technology, travel guides, how-to and so on. With e-books, you can literally write on any niche of your choice. When writing an e-book, it is important to be as detailed as possible. Remember that there are other competitors selling similar e-books hence, there is a need for you to make your e-book better than your competitors. Once you have written your e-book. You will have to go through the e-book to make sure that you are not missing any detail or information that you feel your readers ought to know. If you do this, the next thing to do is to proofread and edit your e-book. It will be terrible to sell an e-book that is poorly written or that is full with many grammatical errors. Hence, you should endeavor to make sure that your e-book does not suffer from this. Another factor to note is the fact that before releasing your e-book to the public, do not forget to run it on a plagiarism application. This is essential for non-original works. Make sure that your e-book is plagiarism free.

Once you have written and edited your e-book, the next step is to get your book cover done. Before, venturing to create the e-book cover, do not forget to get a creative and catchy title for your e-book. If you have gotten a title for your e-book, you can now begin to search for graphic designers. It is not advisable for you to create your e-book cover yourself except you are an expert in graphic designing. This is because most people tend to ‘judge a book by its cover’. If your book cover is wacky, people are likely to be uninterested in your e-book. So make sure you get a professional to get it done. You can get good graphic designers on so many freelance marketplaces. This includes Fiverr, where you can get a good-looking e-book cover for $5, Upwork, 99 designs etc. Once you have your e-book cover and your e-book seems ready, then it is time for you to crosscheck your e-book to make sure that everything is in place. After doing that, it is time to go into the main business.

Would you like to sell your e-book on your own site? If yes, note that you will be responsible for the advertisement or marketing of the book, the payment system and so on. or Would you like to upload the e-book on Amazon Kindle and get it published there? Note that Amazon has over nine million visitors who buy e-books on a daily basis. More so, publishing on Amazon does not mean that you will not advertise or market your e-book. You will have to market your e-book to get constant sales. Therefore, when you decide on which way to publish your e-book, all you have to do is PUBLISH IT. Do not wait for the ‘right time’ to publish the book. Just go ahead and publish it. As a new seller, it is advisable that you give out some free e-books to encourage other people to buy your e-book. This is what most sellers do on Amazon. It will also be great if you can get some family members and friends to purchase your e-book and then, they should leave good reviews on your page. This will help other buyers trust your e-book. When all these are in place, all you have to do is to wait for people to purchase your e-book and if your e-book is very good, they will likely commend it to other people who could end up being your prospective customers.

In conclusion, you can make money from e-books if you do it in the right way. The most important thing is having a quality e-book at an affordable price, which in turn, generates lots of profit.


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