10 Survey Jobs from Home to Make Money 2018

Survey Jobs from Home

Nowadays, the internet has made it easier for people to make money online. You do not necessarily need to possess any skill before you can earn money online. There is literally nothing a person cannot do to make money online. In fact, with the rise in the number of people who make use of the internet on a daily basis, there are now unlimited ways people can make money, no how small. Among all these, one of the ways to make money online is through Online Surveys. Online surveys are usually a form prepared by an organization who seeks feedback from the audience. In turn, people take out time to fill the surveys hence, giving their opinions, which help the company to know how to develop or strategize a product or service. Online surveys are good and most times, they are necessary for a company, as it is important to get feedback from your customers or clients. With the online surveys, companies tend to know if a product is good or not or if it suits the market. Research has also shown that companies are now beginning to adopt the use of online surveys in other to get feedback from their customers. However, if you know that you do not mind sparing some time to fill out some surveys, then you could earn some money from it. Below are the top online survey companies/websites that allows users to take paid survey jobs. Some of the websites that offer paid surveys are:

  1. Toluna
  2. Swagbucks
  3. Pinecone Research
  4. Opinion Outpost
  5. Cash Crate
  6. Survey Savvy
  7. Global Test Market
  8. Inbox Dollars
  9. Mindswarms
  10. Homescan consumer Panel

Toluna: Toluna is an online market research company that allows their members to take paid surveys. Registered users can take online surveys and make around $1 – $5 for every online survey taken. Users are paid through PayPal and the users also get to test use free products and services.

Swagbucks: Swagbucks allows users to take short online surveys, play or test games, watch movie trailers and in return, the users get paid for it. Swagbucks is not limited to any country as it is available to anyone. Payments are made via Paypal or you could opt for the reward gift cards.

Pinecone Research: Pinecone research is one of the oldest survey companies that has been in existence since the year 199. Pinecone research pays its users around $3 for each survey completed. It has a more flexible payment option when compared to others. You could decide to receive your payments via Paypal, Check or reward gift cards.

Opinion Outpost: This is one of the most popular online market research companies. To sign up for opinion outpost, users are not required to pay any fee. Registered users get paid cash when they share their opinions. Payments are mostly done through Paypal.

Cash Crate: Cash crate is another online survey company that pays its users to take online surveys, play games, test apps, shop online and so on. You can decide to take the daily surveys and start earning around .50 for every survey. Users can withdraw their money via Paypal. It also has a minimum withdrawal of around $20

Survey Savvy: Survey savvy is another good company that pays users for taking online surveys. Users are paid by check and it has no minimum withdrawal needed to cash your money.

Global Test Market: This is a popular online survey company that allows users to carry out testing activities. It also allows users to give their opinions on certain products. Users are paid for every test or review taken. Payments are made through Paypal, Check and Reward gift cards. It is mainly opened to people in the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.


Survey Spot: Survey spot is another survey company that pays users to take online surveys. As a registered and active user, you also get to participate in several competitions organized by the company.

Inbox Dollars: Inbox dollars offers various ways a user can earn money on the site. One of the ways users can earn money is by completing their assigned surveys. It also pays panelists to shop online, read e-mails and so on.

Mindswarms: Mindswarms is another good company a user could use to earn money online. You get paid to take part in online research studies by using a webcam to answer about seven questions. Most of the surveys take not more than twenty minutes and you can earn as much as $50 when you participate. Payments are made through Paypal.

Homescan Consumer Panel: Homescan Consumer panel offer paid survey jobs for people within the US, Canada, HongKong, and Australia. Through Homescan consumer panel, you could also earn valuable points that are redeemable for free household items, jewelry, gift cards, toys, electronics and so on.

In summary, making money through online surveys have become easier as we now have several companies who offer people paid online survey jobs.



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