6 ways to make money from blogging

How to make money from blogging

Nowadays, blogging has become so popular to the extent that people now make thousands of dollars from their blogs. It has also become so advanced that there are now niches a person could choose from. Presently, the questions most people ask is how can I make money from blogging? The thing is making money from blogging is quite easy only if you have a good amount of traffic. It is always advised that when going into blogging, you should not look at the monetary aspect but rather focus on how to gain or attract as many readers as possible. You should have a strong and consistent flow of traffic. To make money from blogging, you will first have to create a blog.

You can easily create a blog of your own within a matter of minutes. It is really not that hard. All you need to do is to decide if you are going to use a free domain name such as www.myblog.wordpress.com or a paid domain name such as www.myblog.com. It solely depends on whether you want to spend a few dollars to purchase this. Apparently, it is better to go for a premium domain name and self-hosted site. This is because if you purchase a domain name and hosting plan, you have the ability to customize your site to your taste. You will also have full control over your site when compared to a free one.  When you purchase your domain name and hosting plan, the next thing to do is to setup your blog. It is advisable to create your blog using WordPress because WordPress gives you full customization. You can make use of several free and premium templates, plugins and so on. Once your website is properly set up and designed, you should start posting content on your blog. As a new blogger, you should endeavor to post quality contents and work towards getting readers. When you begin to get constant traffic, you can now start working towards monetizing your blog. There are several ways to monetize your blog and they are:

  • Advertising
  • Affiliate
  • Events
  • Membership Programmes
  • Sell Products
  • Offer Services

Advertising: Advertising is a popular way to make money through a blog. You can decide to sign up for Ad networks or offer private ads to businesses who may want to advertise on your site. When you offer private ads to organizations, you have the ability to set your price but note that when you decide to use Ad networks, you do not have a say over the amount you are paid, as they tend to have their own set price depending on how many people views or clicks on the advert.

Affiliate: This is another way to make money from your blog. You can sign up with several companies to become an affiliate marketer. All you have to do is to read about the company to make sure that they are genuine, check their affiliate reviews, read on how you will be paid and how much commission you will make on every sale, also read their terms and conditions. If after doing all these and you feel, It is okay for you, you can register and become an affiliate marketer for as many companies as possible. You could use your blog as a means to advertise the company’s products to your readers so as to encourage them to make purchases.

Events: Another way to make money from your blog is by organizing conferences or events for your readers. This option is used by few bloggers but if you know that you can afford to organize an event for your readers then you can make money from it. For example, If you own a ‘how to blog’ website you could create an event where you host bloggers who frequently read your blog.

Membership Programs: Do you have any premium program you know that you can organize for your readers? If you do, then you can take advantage of this option by offering paid online programs to your readers.

Sell Products: You could monetize your blog by selling your products online. It could be e-books, software, merchandise and so on. You can sell as many virtual products as possible.

Offer Various Services: If you are good at copywriting, data entry, writing etc, you can offer your services to your readers.

Conclusively, you can make money from your blog in so many ways. You have unlimited ways to make money from your blog.

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