8 Best ICO List to Invest at Beginning of 2018 (February 2018)

A Review of The Latest Initial Coin Offerings– Best upcoming coin offerings to consider this February!

Blockchain & Growing ICO’s

If you are researching about the most viral trends of cryptocurrency of present and future, having a look at Initial Coin Offering (ICO) campaigns might be a good idea to start with. The idea of presales of cryptocurrency coins or tokens of blockchain project has grown immensely successful instrument to raise capital for the development of some new blockchain based application.

This guide gives a thorough overview of upcoming Initial Coin Offering- ICO and provides the list of the most influential and game-changer ICOs for February 2018.

If you considered the absurd rise of Bitcoin was wild, you haven’t seen anything yet! When we open the Pandora-box of cryptocurrencies scope in 2018, we are talking about changing the face financial systems for good.

Perhaps ‘Ripple’ was the very first cryptocurrency circulated by an ICO. In early 2013, Ripple Labs initiated to develop the ‘Ripple payment system’ and presented around 100 billion XRP token. The enterprise successfully traded these tokens to gain capital for the development of the Ripple platform.

Later in 2013, ‘Mastercoin’ proposed to establish a layer, based upon ‘Bitcoin’ to implement smart contracts and tokenize the cryptocurrency transactions. The initiators traded some million Mastercoin tokens against Bitcoin and received around $1mio.

There are numerous other cryptocurrencies which have been financed with ICO, for example, most prominent is ‘Ethereum.’ In the year 2014 ‘The Ethereum Foundation’ sold ETH for 0.0005 BTC. They received about $20mio by this step, which was one of the most major crowdfunding ever and fueled the capital base for the development of Ethereum.

While Ethereum unleashed the possibilities of smart contracts, the new generation of Initial Coin Offering with several game changer ideas has leaped into the market.

The idea of financing the projects with a token on Ethereum provides the outline for a new and highly potential crowdfunding project generation. In our opinion, investing in token on top of Ethereum and Bitcoin is attractively easy: You just have to transfer ETH or BTC, paste the agreement in your wallet and that’s it: The token will appear in your secure account, and you have the liberty to trade them as you want.

The sample Initial coin offering on Ethereum, with extreme success ratio, are:

  1. Golem
  2. Augur
  3. First Blood
  4. Melonport
  5. Digix DAO.
  6. Singular DTV

What Is Initial coin offering?

When a cryptocurrency startup company wishes to gain capital by Initial Coin Offering (ICO), it typically constructs a strategy on a whitepaper which narrates the details about the project, for example, what the venture is about? What need(s) the project aims to satisfy after successful completion? How much coinage is required to undertake the given project, how much percentage of crypto tokens the developers and initiators of the venture will keep, what type of currency will be acknowledged, and the time constraint for which the ICO campaign will be open to investing into?

Within the period of an ICO campaign, supporters and enthusiasts of the company’s initiative, purchase a part of the distributed crypto coins with conventional or some other cryptocurrency. These coins are given the term of ‘tokens’ and similarly equivalent to the stocks of a firm which could be sold against in an Initial Public Offering (IPO) transaction.

Suppose if the capital raised through initial coin offerings does not reach the required minimum limit, the money can be returned to the supporters, and the ICO campaign is considered as failed. But if the reserves requirement is met within the proposed timeframe, the capital is then used to implement the initiative and run the project.

Early birds to invest in the maneuver are inspired to buy the initial crypto coins with the hope that the idea will be fruitful after it launches. Which can transform the initial low value of the coin into much higher price after the successful implementation of the product?

8 Best ICO List to Invest at Beginning of 2018

There are several new ICO’s every week, which offers fresh and imaginative ideas to link the application with the blockchain tokens. Here’s a well-researched and dependable list of the best ICO’s to invest at the beginning of 2018.

  •  Rentberry

The Rentberry platform can computerize and automatize the steps for the renting industry. By offering digital ways of signing contracts and payment methodology, Rentberry has potential to save the tenant and landlord a lot of time and money. While speeding up the legal process between the parties through blockchain, long-term rental platforms have been disrupting the rental commerce since 2016.

  • Cypherium

Cypherium owns a multi-level governance design based upon blockchain, offers absolutely unique features. The team consisted of developers from companies like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon has revitalized a new blockchain, that will be highly efficient and secure designed and developed from the ground up. The Cypherium blockchain promises to splits governance at the protocol and application layers simultaneously, which will not only crack the scalability issues but also advance the blockchain technology to upgrade into the mainstream.

  • Loci

“Protecting a written idea with a patent is a very complex, lavish, and uncertain process but blockchain technology offers a promising solution. Loci have created a platform that enables those inspired authors to make money from their creative ideas with a much quicker and safer alternative ways.

Loci are constructed upon an ICO tokens backed technology startup which is recognized for its DIY (do it yourself) patent research tool named InnVenn.  InnVenn is expanding its platform to contain the capacity to buy and sell scholarly products and ideas via its native utilitarian tokens.

  • RightMesh

RightMesh is based on a decentralized platform that works on peer-to-peer connectivity. The developers have put the power of connectivity solely into the hands of the users by mesh-enabling smartphones, and devices users already own. It is a platform and protocol which is aimed to change the basic methodology of how the world connects.

Blockchain enables the RightMesh networks to recognize nodes with a secure Ethereum usernames, and token offerings will aid the network by growing the network. These tokens will provide incentives to the users to share their device resources, such as internet, data, and storage.

  • Experty

Experty  is a consulting platform that enables the knowledge experts to be paid efficiently for the time they spend on a call with their client. The client who is searching for an advice contacts the Expert through their profile on this platform. The consultant can set their rate per minute, and provide their Expert opinions and suggestions, and the fee is collected mechanically through blockchain smart contracts.

  • NAU

NAU offers digital coupons by taking advantage of the increasing use of cellular phones concerning geolocation data to connect small shops and businesses directly with their customers. The idea has potential to disrupt the traditional expensive advertising models by giving local merchants direct access to customer referrals through a user affiliate program.

  • Coinlancer

Coinlancer is freelancing platform offering a smart contract system developed on the top of Etherium based coins. As there are a lot of loopholes in existing freelance platforms, including very high transaction fees and scams. To eliminates such problems, with a peer-review system for dispute conciliation and a much smaller (3 percent) fee on each transaction.

  • Giftz

Giftz is an interesting platform for the original idea of providing the facility to ANY business to tokenize their products and services to sell as incentives on an exchange. Just like the airlines earn more revenue by selling their miles to other businesses, offered as incentives, likewise, we can earn miles (or tokens) buying groceries.

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