9 Best Upcoming ICO’s to Invest 2018 (Blockchain Based Social Media ICO’s)

ICO’s & Blockchain

Uprising ICOs offers a trustable investment along with secrecy and legitimacy by adopting blockchain methodology. Blockchain-based social media ICO’s opens the way to a whole new world, full of opportunities and game-changer ideas. The control of user-generated content would be shifted completely in user’s hands by getting rid of any monitoring and controlling entity because of no central server.

Blockchain Based Social Media ICO’s

Blockchain-based social media ICO’s brings the future of e-commerce, e-marketing, and the economy as a whole, by establishing a decentralized approach to social connectivity. Cryptocurrency has taken the social media to the next level because its core methodology provides the prospects of security and dependability. This methodology would not only shift the control of privacy to user’s hands, but it will also allow them to monetize the content they publish.

Transformation of social media into new decentralized ecosystem will allow the social media influencers to discover, publish, operate and analyze on advertisement campaigns. Much upcoming social media ICO’s based upon the blockchain is targeting to bring advertisement activities to the advanced level by bringing transparent interaction among businesses and social media bloggers. Related reading, see: (Top 10 Best Cryptocurrency List to Invest / Trade / Buy )

Best Upcoming Blockchain Based Social Media ICO’s List

Here’s a list of most influential and game-changer blockchain based social media ICO’s to uprise and conquer this year:

  •  1) STEEM

The Steem offers reward-based incentives to its users by running on distributed social media using blockchain based ICO’s. It is the next-generation blockchain which is developed to operate on real-time applications with the power of instantaneous and charges-free transactions.

Using Smart media tokens (SMT) will act like the native digital asset on the Steem network. These SMTs could be instantly launched by anyone to monetize their content and generate rewards for users to encourage their desired behavior. These SMTs are identical to Etherium’s ERC-20, but their intelligent properties enable a reward system, designed for digital content monetization.

  • 2) CLOUT

Clout is a new social network which is committed to the growth of cryptocurrency community by providing excellent information to its users in its immensely mounting space. Clout is categorized in fastest growing blockchain based social media ICO, because of its eye-catching interface and functionalities of a social network. It offers monetary rewards to its users for creation and distribution of new viral content.

The clout network hosts a huge amount of articles, posts, and news about blockchain. These articles provide a gigantic knowledge base on topics such as investment in cryptocurrencies, comparisons, white papers and thorough analysis on all new and potentially strong ICOs. It works on two native tokens, the Clout token (ERC223) and CLC. Users will be awarded CLC for their activities and interactions generated in Clout platform.

  • 3) Wild Spark

Wild spark offers a game-changer idea which will shift the balance and control of the economic system in the hands of the public rather than platform owners. The content creators and curators (persons who share and spread some content) will hold the all the control over content and receive their cut from the revenue.

The Beta version of Wild spark, encompasses all required features to reward the content creators and curators with cryptocurrency.  It has a Google Chrome extension which can enable YouTube API on your page. The most exciting feature is free AMP tokens to boost the videos to get viral. These AMPs can be used to distribute videos among communities, to reward its creators and share among those who may appreciate the content.

  • 4) Bitfin

Just imagine the possibilities of profit escalation when blockchain based social media ICO is combined with artificial intelligence. The Bitfin platform is developed upon BIC artificial Intelligence and BIC trading bot. The researchers and developers at Bitfin are continuously working to integrate artificial intelligence in blockchain technology. They aim to develop a bot which will help the users to increase their revenue automatically on coin exchange.

The usual trading bot only gives analysis on the chart, but the BIC trading bot not only learns from the charts but also predict the future trends. The BIC bot scans all the information on social networks like Facebook or Twitter, etc., then combine all the different charts to make most accurate predictions about price fluctuations. This way the Bitfin coin is predicted to experience the profit of 48% per month in 2018 and possibly higher in 2019.

  • 5) Gift Coin

GiftCoin is a remarkable idea for making the world a better place. This blockchain based social media ICO offers absolute transparency on charity donations. Every single time you purchase this social media, the smart contract accumulates the payment and converts the bread-crumbs to the Giftcoins. These coins can be sent as a gift to anyone you choose to donate or support the Gift coins platform. This way only registered organizations and personals will receive the donation while payments will be more secure and private.

Users can set a program for monthly, annually or weekly donations by choosing among different causes. By selecting one or more causes from the list, you will be kept in the loop about exactly when and where your money will be used to this way the impact of the donations will be traceable directly using smart contracts. Thus the donors will be more confident, and a systematic feedback section will provoke trust on further support.

6) Sola

Sola is the new social network which virally spread information by using artificial intelligence. This intelligent algorithm traces most interested users to a specific topic, and by understanding user reactions, it sorts out the target audience. Rather than adopting the traditional method of following, it distributes the content among the selected potential interested audience.

Interest-based user grouping allows the quality content to reach to almost every user. When a user publishes some new post, story, news or greetings card, Sola makes sure to deliver it to almost every interested person in the network.

Sola Users will receive the part of the revenue from advertisements, partnerships, and user payments. This solid financial opportunity offers some intelligent services to create and distribute quality content. Each post made in the Sola network will serve as lifetime asset to receive payments in SolaCoin (SOL), which is a blockchain based social media ICO. This utility-based token serves as a financial instrument to receive and send rewards to sola users, in a transparent and effective way.

  • 7) WebCoin

WebCoin serves as a medium of worth exchange between e-marketers and cryptocurrency market. This social media ICO is based on the Waves Blockchain, which operates on the peer-to-peer web network and offers smart social media exchange services in the native ecosystem.

WebCoin enables social media influencers to receive a handsome income from affiliate marketing. It may serve as a goldmine for publishers and writers by increasing sales and increase readership. Digital marketing agencies and small businesses can increase social network engagement by social pages, posts, viral content and articles at very minimal rates.

  • 8) Renren

Renren” the most widely used social network of China, sometimes regarded as “first Facebook of China” has been fallen outdated in previous years. But the management has taken some serious steps for this network to be reborn. The new face of Renren brings a new blockchain based social media ICO by integrating ICO project named as RR Coin.

The Renren recently acquired “Trucker Path” which is an American app for truck drivers to plan their road trip. By applying artificial intelligence and blockchain methods to this app, the company aims to innovate this app for more general uses like advertisements, shared plans, and as a tool for industry transportation automation.

The blockchain based, open source approach enables this social platform to eliminate information redundancy among all the participants through the decentralized booking system. Users, initiators, planners, and advertisers can all earn RR tokens by Renren’s merit-based approach. The intelligent part of the application will take care of user behavior judgment and social networking scenarios through smart contracts.

  • 9) ODEM

ODEM combines a real classroom learning experience with the flexibility of online education. This blockchain based social media ICO integrates smart contract based ecosystem. This platform enables the opportunity for students and lecturers to interact through video conferencing and live chat directly. Leaving any 3rd party or intermediaries’ involvement behind, this idea enables the students to learn and earn through online interaction while saving heavy fees for colleges.

Many obstacles are addressed that youth have to face on their way of education, by improving accessibility to learning platform and knowledge resources. From course selection advice to student’s accommodation and transportation problems, this unique platform holds so many opportunities for students to grow their intellectual as well as financial wealth.

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