Top 24 fastest growing best cryptocurrency coins list to invest in 2018

Crypto industry is recognizing several new coins each day. Some come up with the ideas which promise confirm success and thus enrich their credibility at a promising pace. While some fail along the way regardless of their creativity and confident start. Selecting from top best ICO’s is a complex job which requires a lot of research which we have done for you and presents you this list of Top 25 Altcoins and Cryptocurrencies with High Potential (2018).

Top 25 fastest growing best cryptocurrency coins list

  • NEO

“Neo” famous as the Ethereum of China has a strong backing in the marketplace. It is a stage for smart contracts of Ethereum technology and also has the capability to supports new ICOs. The open source NEO makes it easier for programmers to initiate new tokens.

  • IOTA

IOTA is one of the top altcoins of 2018 and is developed on the Internet of things (IoT) model. Its price is already $3 to $5, starting from nothing and increasing.

IOTA uses a public ledger which is called Tangle based on its blockchain model ensuring a very secure IOTA wallet. There are no charges for any trades with no mining and very fast transaction speed. Its recent partnership with Microsoft caused the prices escalation.

  • Ark

Ark is based on the Smartbridge technology for blockchains. It means that it is a blockchain connecting mechanism, i.e., Etherium to steem to BitShares and so on. Ark is going to start its optional privacy plan which will resemble Monero and another storage facility which will sever as a competitor of other coins like SiaCoin and Storj. This top coin has risen from $3 to approximately $9 previous year but after that its growth is in negative for some time.

  • OmiseGo

OMG is a payment platform which was initially started by a Thai group, and in previous some months, it has seen an enormous increase in value which almost touched $20. The goal of this initiative is to lower the transaction costs, and its efficiency is alarming for the traditional financial system. OmiseGo recently made a partnership with McDonald’s which is a step to shop Mcdonalds using crypto-coins.

  • Cardano

Cardano is sometimes referred as the Ethereum killer because of very similar feature to Etherium. The main co-founder of Cardano is the former CEO of Ethereum. Its Smart contracts and own token ADA is based on blockchain method, and in the near future, they aim to release its own debit card which could be used like any visa card worldwide.

Upcoming ICO’s for 2018

Monero has grown massively from $50 to $300 in a previous some months. The core features of Monero offers security based on the stealth address and anonymity based on the split transactions rule are the reason for its popularity. Each transaction is parted into several and recorded separately, so transaction tracking is impossible. Additionally, using ring signatures to mix-up transactions makes it an eye-candy for black-market.

  • Litecoin

Litecoin was created shortly after Bitcoin which makes it a senior among the long list of coins.  It’s a peer to peer approach of blockchain based decentralized ledger makes it a trustworthy method for all sorts of transactions like paying utility bills or supermarket shopping. Its lightening network and transaction swap methods fuel the transactions to occur very swiftly, makes it a strong opponent of Bitcoin.

  • Stratis

Stratis is a blockchain based platform of Microsoft, which is used for development, testing and deployment of C# applications of .NET framework. It provides the service to implement blockchain technology at new enterprise level.Net applications. Recently it has crossed $13 figure in price.

  • Siacoin

SiaCoin offers decentralized storage which has potential to compete with the traditional cloud storages like Dropbox, Amazon, etc. You can use its services starting from some certain number of SiaCoins, and then you can rent your memory space to others for a price. Since the number total coins inflow is low so the value of each coin will surely increase in future.

  • Decentraland

Decentraland offers a virtual reality platform which operates using MANA tokens. It provides virtual reality models of land and buildings. Recently a piece of virtual land was sold in Decentraland for some hundred thousand dollars. Users can sell or purchase virtual stuff using the Etherium blockchain.  You can go shopping, clubs, do business, and attend live performances and so on in the virtual reality VR.

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Bitshares is based on Graphene which is an open source blockchain developed on C++. It offers you an opportunity to develop your wallet address based on any unique username you chose. Which provides you independence from worrying about saving a super-long crypto address like Bitcoin. Having Bitshares in your wallet is like owning a stock rather than currency.

  • is a token for online games. Specifically, casino games can be played using being a “house” owner of gaming platform. Many existing casinos have started to adopt this coin for trusted and safer betting environment. This online staking platform is a haven for gamblers and virtual currency based gaming platforms.

  • Funfair

The funfair is also based on online casino game platform using its FunCoin. This is based on Etherium blockchain technology and a distributed ledger which makes it secure and transparent. This is a famous and successful ICO of the previous year, raising more than 26 Million Dollars stack and increasing every second. The gigantic stock of 3 billion tokens is continuously increasing in price of per unit while the total supply of Fun tokens is supposed to touch 17 billion.

  • Kin by Kik

The kin token is developed to be used in new messenger app of Kik, which is based on Etherium blockchain. Its security and privacy features are far better than WhatsApp or iChat. The tokens can be used to purchase stickers, Gifs and other media. E-marketing and advertising campaigns will be fueled using Kin, with the improved user experience.

  • Storj

Storj offers secure and monetize-able cloud storage. It is a cloud storage company which introduced their token to be used on their platform. Etherium blockchain based these tokens offers a very fast cloud functionality at very cheap rates to users to sell or rent their storage capacity.

  • Musicoin

MusiCoin (MUSIC) is supposed to help the music industry by crowdfunding, E-marketing, and advertising campaigns, using its native coin. The number of coins is increased by the number of views of content, while the price for each MUSIC is fixed. Artists can be tipped, hired, online shows, and paid downloads and uploads.

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  • SALT

Salt is used to perform online lending services using Etherium blockchain. Members of the board can submit their cryptocurrencies for getting some cash on a terminal basis. The token is paid to get service access. 120 million tokens are currently in circulation, which is accumulated by user’s submissions of crypto coins for some cash. This is one of the fastest growing tokens.

  • Lisk

Using JavaScript language, Lisk offers an API which allows the programmers and developers to integrate decentralized approach in their applications. Just as a blockchain can be crowded with many fake transactions, resulting in more blocks and reduced transaction speed, It offers sidechain methodology for faster execution of graphical user interfaces, with secure forms and monetize-able content.

  • Basic Attention Token

Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a utility token which cannot be used as a currency. BAT can be used in Brave Browser, which powers its decentralized digital advertisement exchange based on Etherium Blockchain. Bravo browser is experienced seven times faster than ordinary browsers, and there are no traditional ads on any pages you visit. Which brings an ideal situation for users as well as advertisers.

  • EOS

Although EOS is still in initial coin offerings period, its price has already shot up from $0.5 – $10 in a matter of few months. EOS offers an online operating system and development platform for developers where developers can build new tokens on it. So it resembles Etherium’s Smart Media Tokens somehow. Many crypto-currency advisers claim that EOS has potential to rule on the cryptocurrency market because of its perfect functionalities.

  • Verge

Verge is developed to perform all daily transactions which we perform usually. Developed upon the Bitcoin blockchain, it has transparency, security and trustable nature encourage the users to perform their daily transactions with speed and confidence. This is one of the oldest in Crypto market, once pronounced as DogeCoinDark in 2014, now rebranded as Verge.

  • Gas

GAS is generated by collecting and storing NEOCoin. NEO and GAS both have a market cap of 100 million. Therefore they both are experiencing a crazy hike in prices for a few months. NEO coins are used to hold shares in the market which provides you voting rights. In this platform, GAS tokens are paid as dividends of shares. The old Name of GAS was Antcoins.

  • Binance Coin

Binance is an online cryptocurrency exchange, with very minimal transaction charges and lots of listed coins. The reviews for Binance platform are very satisfying, thus increasing user-count every day. Binance coin is coupled with the success of Binance platform, and the recent hike in Binance users has helped the price to cross new barriers every day.

  • Einsteinium

Einsteinium is a crowdfunding platform for scientific research. Users are mostly related to academia and information technology researchers. It’s not just for scientific research but also can be used for mining. Research material repositories, citations, and references are opened for a specific price in Einsteinium Tokens.

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