Bitclub Pool Review – Cryptocurrency Mining Pool Review 2018

Bitclub Pool Introduction

Today we will talk about the BitClub Pool. In this article, we will talk about the important features, currency support, customer support, fee structure, payment method of the BitClub Pool. BitClub mining pool is one of the famous mining pool in the world. BitClub Pool is not like other mining pools of the world because it is running with zero mining fee. BitClub Pool established in 2014 as a stand-alone mining pool exclusive to BitClub Network members. During this time BitClub Pool built mining equipment of million dollars’ worth, and they continue to expand speedily. When the total hashing power of the pool reached 1% of the entire Bitcoin network, the BitClub Pool decided to open their mining pool for the public so, that they can grow to become 5% or 10% pool.

Bitclub Pool Features

The most attractive feature of the BitClub Pool is it is free (0% fee pool) for all the miners that attract many miners towards it. Another feature that attracts people towards BitClub Pool is its customer support.

Bitclub Pool Review

BitClub Pool is world’s first pool that offers zero mining fee. People use BitClub Pool as it offers few advantages like It charges zero mining fee, a user can pay via Debit card a fast payment method, it has a better statistics in the market and users have good reviews about it, it uses STRATUM pool mining software. Moreover, they give prices and incentives to miners. BitClub Pool supports two crypto coins including Ethereum and Bitcoin. An individual can get the official web page of the exchange at The server of the BitClub pool is operating from the USA. The reason for operating a zero fee pool and offering incentives to miners is only because of the business structure of the pool, supported by thousands of participants who are contributing to the BitClub Network global opening. By their unique business model, BitClub Pool allows the members of the BitClub network, that they can purchase the mining hardware and they can get the share in the profit of all the Bitcoins mined. Members of the BitClub network can use the portion of their mined earning for purchasing extra mining power for a total of one thousand days which means that the pool will continue to increase with such members. If more miners attract towards the BitClub mining pool, then the pool will stabilize, and it will become more profitable for the miners. The unique model of the pool only works because they pay affiliation commissions to its member that refer BitClub pool to other miners. The tagline of the BitClub pool is “There is nothing else like this, and we would Love for you to come and mine with us.”

Bitclub Pool Customer Service

The customer support of the BitClub is available 24/7. It provides support to all the miners who need it. They hired a well-trained and dedicated staff who is available 24/7 for the services of the miners. The customer support is available in two languages including English and Chinese. A miner can contact the team of BitClub Pool via Live Chat, and they can also send email to them. The live chat is also available in two languages mentioned above. A user can start the live chat by going on the official website of the BitClub pool under the “Support” tab. If a person did not get access to the live support due to any reason like the server is down or team is busy helping other miners then he can contact them via email, and the BitClub pool will respond back quickly. The email address is Moreover, a miner can get access to all the statistics of the pool on the official website under the “Pool Stats” tab. So, BitClub Pool is a good mining pool as there is no mining fee.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bitclub Pool

List of Cryptocurrencies which can be mined by Bitclub Pool?

BitClub Pool only supports two cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Does registration is required for Bitclub Pool?

Yes, without having an account on the BitClub Pool a user cannot mine with the BitClub Pool.

What is a fee charged by Bitclub Pool?

BitClub Pool charges 0% fee for mining of BTC. and ETH.

What’s Minimum Payout of Bitclub Pool?

The minimum payout of BitClub Pool is also zero.

What’s difficulty level of Bitclub Pool?

According to the BitClub Pool Statistic, the difficulty of the pool is variable.

Is mining Profitable with Bitclub Pool?

Yes, mining at BitClub Pool is profitable but not for all. It is a huge opportunity for the network marketing people.

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