Mining Pool Review – Cryptocurrency Mining Pool Review 2018 Pool Introduction

Today we will talk about the mining pool. In this article, we will talk about the significant features, customer support, fee structure and the currency support of the and in the end, we will answer to the frequently asked questions from the customer’s point of view. mining pool is the biggest network. It established in the year 2016. It is a reliable and simple and easy to access network of the Bitcoin mining community. Pool Features has several features that attract people towards the pool

  • Offers zero mining fee
  • Fully STRATUM supported servers
  • Global network available 24/7
  • Set new standards in the mining services
  • Provide cutting edge technologies
  • Offer full-featured app
  • Smart BTC agent is available
  • Offer ultra-low orphan block rate Pool Review

The administration redefines pool according to the benefits of its customers. With the best income and its service features, accompany its users to pass the bear market ups and downs. Official web address of the is The user interface of the is simple and easy to understand. It contains several options including Pool Stats, Tools Help and Registring option. It also contains the hash-rate chart for Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash hash-rate chart. It has more than five thousand workers online. The administration of the also launched the full-featured app for the ease of its users. Now they can mine from anywhere irrespective of the heavy hardware including CPU. A miner can view pool and miner data in real time, and he can also delete and modify his miners directly using app. He can also see the current Hash-rate of the mining pool. Its app is available for both the Android and iOS users. also offers BTC smart agent. BTC smart agent is the efficient and transparent platform on which a single worker is visible at one time. Its BTC smart agent is available for the Window 7 (64 bits) and Window XP (64 bit). Help document in connection with the window is also available. If miner gets an issue, he can get through that email. It offers cutting-edge technology. Its architecture is latest and original.  Its code is open source, and the pool has been through the ultra-high stress test. A miner will get ultra-low orphaned block rate. It also offers transparent agent. Its servers are available in Europe, USA, and Asia. Pool Customer Service

The customer support of the is quite advanced. In fact, set new standards for mining services. Help categorized as professional customer service, Pool App support managing mining team, for the service of its customers it offers VIP server with ultra-high specifications. It also offers one to one case analysis for the customers of the mining pool. It also keeps track of the international team operations. Apart from this support, a miner can contact the via customer hotline number. The customer hotline number is 086-400-890-8855. Moreover, a miner can connect to the Pool support via ticketing system, Help and FAQ, Feedback and through the call.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pool


List of Cryptocurrencies which can be mined by Pool support the BTC cryptocurrency.

Does registration is required for Pool?

Yes, registration is necessary to mine with

What is a fee charged by Pool?

A miner has to pay zero percent mining fee.

What’s Minimum Payout of Pool?

The minimum payout

What’s difficulty level of Pool?

The difficulty level at is user-defined

Is mining Profitable with Pool?

A miner can calculate the profitability of a coin on by using the developed calculator. Moreover, it is profitable to use because it offers zero percent mining fee.

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