BurstCoin Mining Pool Review – Cryptocurrency Mining Pool Review 2018

BurstCoin Pool Introduction

Today we will talk about the BurstCoin mining pool. In this article, we will talk about the significant features, customer support, fee structure and the currency support of the BurstCoin and in the end, we will answer to the frequently asked questions from the customer’s point of view. Burst is an open source recognized platform that links people, financial institutions, and companies together. It allows the miners to set the value according to their own rules within a green, scalable and customized register.

BurstCoin Pool Features

BurstCoin mining pool has several features that attract people toward the pool

  • It does not charge any fee
  • Low power hard drives
  • Miner can select the value for his money
  • Accounts are private
  • Support Instant and Fast payouts
  • Offers anonymous payouts to keep your identity secure
  • Global and huge network
  • 850 kW/h energy consumed for the transaction of Bitcoin
  • Only 0.2 kW/h energy consumed for the transaction of all other currencies
  • The vision is to get back to the roots of cryptocurrency misled by wrong policies and rules


BurstCoin Pool Review

BurstCoin is running publically since 2014. The official web address of the BurstCoin is https://www.brust-coin.org. The BurstCoin is the biggest network in the cryptocurrency community. It is providing its reliable services to its customers with the collaboration of Blockchain. It transfers tokens instantly without charging any fee. It has an incredible and powerful globally shared interface that also support anonymous transactions. A miner has ease of creating his scaleable payment channel. He can also build customized applications. The purpose of the BurstCoin organization is to highlight the current issues. According to them, the current issues are extreme energy waste, limited transactional capacity, centralization of resources, and slow and expensive operations and the team of the BurstCoin is not only highlighting but also fixing these issues by updating their network accordingly. Burst network is energy efficient. A miner can mine them with low powered hard drives instead of power consuming CPU’s, ASICs and GPUs. It is naturally decentralized. All the payment channels are scalable. Busrt network can handle infinite transactions per second. It does not charge any fee for transactions, and its payout channels are instant and fast. BurstCoin network uses facilities of both Blockchain and Tangle to get maximum benefit and to serve its customers properly. A miner at BurstCoin mining pool owns his money. A miner can keep his data safe in the records of Blockchain. A miner is the only person who can access his Burstaccount. The account is private even Blockchain cannot alter the settings. So, Burst coin mining pool is safe to use.


BurstCoin Pool Customer Service

The customer support of the BurstCoin mining pool is wide and developed. By going into the forum option of the mining Pool, a miner get several options including Welcome, FAQ, General Discussions, Announcements, Burst mining software, Help, how to start, tutorials, feedback and many more. A  miner can get access to all these options at https://burstforum.net. A miner can also connect to the Burst Coin Pool via social media. The social media options include Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, GitHub, Discord, and Telegram.

Frequently Asked Questions about BurstCoin Pool


List of Cryptocurrencies which can be mined by BurstCoin Pool

BurstCoin supports Bitcoin and Burst Coin

Does registration is required for BurstCoin Pool?

Yes, registration is necessary to work with the Burst Coin mining pool.

What is a fee charged by BurstCoin Pool?

Mining with the Burst Coin is free of cost.

What’s Minimum Payout of BurstCoin Pool?

The minimum payout is 0.001

What’s difficulty level of BurstCoin Pool?

The difficulty level at variable

Is mining Profitable with BurstCoin Pool?

At Burst Coin Pool miner can calculate the profitability in mining calculator developed by the Burst Coin mining pool.

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