Luck Mining Pool Review – Cryptocurrency Mining Pool Review 2018

Luck Pool Introduction

Today we will talk about the Luck mining pool. In this article, we will talk about the significant features, customer support, fee structure and the currency support of the Luck Pool and in the end, we will answer to the frequently asked questions from the customer’s point of view. Luck Pool is a reliable mining pool. It offers low mining fee as compared to other mining pools.

Luck Pool Features

Luck Pool has several features that attract people towards the pool.

  • It offers Miner’s jackpot
  • It offers customized minimum payments
  • It offers real-time push notifications
  • Transaction fee rewards paid
  • No miner payout fees
  • Anonymous mining
  • No accounts needed
  • PPLTS reward system
  • It offers open chat
  • Its servers are fully STRATUM supported


Luck Pool Review

Luck Pool is one of the reliable pool. Its official web address is The official user interface consists of List of currency, connect, blocks, miners, payments, and notify and look up miner address. The current hash-rate of the Luck pool is 48.23 KSol/s. The active members of the pool are 32 only. The hash-rate of the pool is good, but its members are few. Still, it’s a good thing because due to low traffic on the website people can get access to the website easily. The pool offers PPLTS reward system. It offers low average mining fee. For Bitcoin, a miner has to pay 1%, and for Komodo, Votecoin, Hush, Zcash, and ZClassic a miner has to pay 0.5% fee. The compatible mining software is EWBF, DSTM, Claymore Zcash, Optiminer Zcash, nheqminer. Its servers are available around the globe. The location of the server includes America and Europe. No need to create an account on the Luck pool, it supports anonymous mining. A miner does not have to pay miner payout fee. Luck Pool offers push notifications on the real-time bases. A miner can also customize his payout limit. It offers miner’s jackpot. The miner’s jackpot contains the donation from the luck pool for the supported cryptocurrency to benefit the miner’s community of the Luck Pool.

Luck Pool Customer Service

The customer support of the Luck Pool is not detailed, but they have a feature of open chat. Through open chat, a miner can connect to the other miners of the pool. To start chatting in Luck Pool, a miner has to sign-in for open chat.

Frequently Asked Questions about Luck Pool


List of Cryptocurrencies which can be mined by Luck Pool

Luck supports many currencies including Hush, Komodo, Bitcoin, Zcash, Zclassic, and Votecoin.

Does registration is required for Luck Pool?

No, registration is not necessary to work with Luck Pool.

What is a fee charged by Luck Pool?

A miner has to pay a different fee for different currencies. Like A miner has to pay 1% fee for Bitcoin, and a miner has to pay 0.5% fee for all other currencies like Hush, Komodo, Votecoin, Zcash, and Zclassic.

What’s Minimum Payout of Luck Pool?

The minimum payout of different currencies is different as well. Like for Bitcoin, it is 0.001BTC, and 0.005 is the limit for other currencies.

What’s difficulty level of Luck Pool?

The difficulty level at Luck mining pool is variable.

Is mining Profitable with Luck Pool?

Yes, mining with Luck Pool is profitable, as it does not charge a high fee as compared to other mining pools of the community. So, if a miner will choose Luck pool, then he can earn handsome profit.

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