MiningSpeed Pool Review – Cryptocurrency Mining Pool Review 2018

MiningSpeed Pool Introduction

Today we will talk about the MiningSpeed mining pool. In this article, we will talk about the significant features, customer support, fee structure and the currency support of the MiningSpeed and in the end, we will answer to the frequently asked questions from the customer’s point of view. MiningSpeed is a medium-size new mining pool that offers low mining fee.

MiningSpeed Pool Features

MiningSpeed Pool offers several features that attract people towards the pool.

  • It offers low mining fee
  • Its servers are fully STRATUM supported
  • It offers to mine in several altcoins
  • Its servers are available worldwide
  • It supports anonymous mining.
  • It also offers secure hot and cold wallets
  • It offers high-security protocols to protect the integrity of his accounts on the pool.
  • It supports PPS reward system

MiningSpeed Pool Review

MiningSpeed is a mining pool that offers to mine in multiple altcoins including Bitcoin, Hush, Litecoin, Votecoin and many more. It also offers anonymous mining so no need to register an account to get started with the MiningSpeed Pool. The official web address of the MiningSpeed Pool is The user interface of the MiningSpeed Pool consists of several features including Change, Miners, Payments, Blocks, Calculator, and Chat. A miner can see the statistics of every coin at MiningSpeed Pool, or he can calculate the profitability index of every crypto coin. There are 136 active miners and 211 active workers on the MiningSpeed Pool. MiningSpeed offers instant payouts. It also notifies its user about the latest updates of their pools. A user can create multiple workers and miners from a single account. MiningSpeed Pool is available around the Globe with servers located in Asia, America, and Europe. Its servers are fully STRATUM supported. MiningSpeed Pool also has good customer support available. A user can connect to the MiningSpeed Pool via social media. Or miner can personally contact the team of the MiningSpeed Pool via email.

MiningSpeed Pool Customer Service

The customer support of the MiningSpeed Pool is wide and detailed. A miner can get in touch with the MiningSpeed via Twitter and FaceBook. He can also get connected to the pool via chat option of the main user interface of the pool.  The chat forum developed by the Discord network there is no need to connect with the Skype or Team Speak. The chat network of Discord is simple and 100% secure. A miner can join the chat box of the MiningSpeed Pool just by providing his name and email. By this, a miner can get help related to his issues faced using MiningSpeed Pool. Moreover, on Twitter and Facebook, a miner can connect to the public forums of the Mining Speed Pool.

Frequently Asked Questions about MiningSpeed Pool


List of Cryptocurrencies which can be mined by MiningSpeed Pool

MiningSpeed Pool support several altcoins including Bitcoin, Hush, Litecoin, Votecoin, Zclassic, ZenCash, Komodo, Snowgem, SafeCoin, BitcoinPrivate, and Commercium.

Does registration is required for MiningSpeed Pool?

No, registration is not necessary to mine with the MiningSpeed mining pool.

What is a fee charged by MiningSpeed Pool?

A miner has to pay

What’s Minimum Payout of MiningSpeed Pool?

The minimum payout

What’s difficulty level of MiningSpeed Pool?

The difficulty level at MiningSpeed mining pool is variable.

Is mining Profitable with MiningSpeed Pool?

A miner can calculate the profitability of supported coin by putting the numbers of the coins and the current rate of the coin in the pool’s calculator and calculate the profitability of the mining pool.

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