Spark Mining Pool Review – Cryptocurrency Mining Pool Review 2018

Spark Pool Introduction

Today we will talk about the Spark mining pool. In this article, we will talk about the significant features, customer support, fee structure and the currency support of the Spark and in the end, we will answer to the frequently asked questions from the customer’s point of view. Spark pool is an Ethereum mining pol that charges low mining fee. Spark pool is more than just a mining pool.

Spark Pool Features

Spark, Pool has several features that attract people toward the pool

  • It offers low mining fee
  • Its servers are available around the Globe
  • Its servers are fully STRATUM supported
  • It offers secured cold and hot wallets
  • Real-time payouts
  • Highly profit efficient
  • Personalized customer support available 24/7


Spark Pool Review

Spark Pool is one of the best and reliable ethereum mining pool. Its official web address is The official page consists of several features including Home, Luck (Pool Statistics), Help, Forum, Language, and Login information. Bonus campaign was running on the Spark pool which currently ended. They will launch more incentive campaigns in the recent months look into the notification section for these campaigns. The user interface of the Spark Pool is available in eight different languages. Spark Pool charges low mining fee with high profits. The expected daily profit at Spark pool is 0.00762 in Ethereum, 5.71 in dollars, etc. The current hash-rate of the Spark Pool is 38.89 TH/s. The active miners at Spark Pool are 29124, and the active workers are 263805. Its mining servers are available around the Globe. The regions for mining server are China, US West, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Europe, and Korea. Spark pool is one of the leading Ethereum mining pool. It provides secure hot and cold wallets for currency. It also offers real-time monitoring of payouts. Spark Pool is highly profit efficient pool. It has Global international servers with automatic failover. The team of the Spark pool comprises professional, experienced Ethereum developers from world’s top companies. It offers several benefits a user must start mining with the Spark Pool as soon as possible. To start with Spark pool first miner has to choose his mining server, download the mining software compatible with the Spark pool and double click on the start.bat to start mining with the Spark Pool.

Spark Pool Customer Service

The customer support of the Spark pool is wide and detailed. A miner can get help from the “Help” tab of the mining pool, or he can also get help from the “Forum” tab of the Spark mining pool. In services, they provide FAQ section. People can get help from the FAQ section. He can go through the Forum as well. He can also create a pool account to get help related to an issue he is facing on the Spark Pool. The forum comprises of the reviews of people about the mining pool. A miner can also submit a request he did not find any satisfactory answer for his query. To submit a request, he can click on the option “Submit request” and write his issue in detail. Or he can contact the Spark Pool at

Frequently Asked Questions about Spark Pool


List of Cryptocurrencies which can be mined by Spark Pool

Spark Pool support Ethereum coin.

Does registration is required for Spark Pool?

No, registration is not necessary to mine with Spark Pool.

What is a fee charged by Spark Pool?

A miner has to pay 1% fee to mine with the Spark Pool.

What’s Minimum Payout of Spark Pool?

The minimum payout at Spark mining pool is 0.001 ETH.

What’s difficulty level of Spark Pool?

The difficulty level at Spark mining pool is variable.

Is mining Profitable with Spark Pool?

A miner can calculate the profitability of the coin by using the Etherum calculator. Or moreover, mining with the Spark pool is profitable because it offers low mining fee as compared to the other mining pools of the market.

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