Top 5 Best Monero Mining GPUs for 2018 (Comparison)

Cryptocurrency  Mining and GPU’s

Mining is the process of creating cryptocurrency using your computer, mobile device, or whatever gadget. The GPU in the computer is the Graphics Processing Unit. Therefore the use of GPUs in mining can be referred to as the “graphics card mining.” As opposed to the use of CPUs (Central Processing Unit) for mining cryptocurrency.

Graphics card mining would postulate the act of using your graphics card to generate virtual currencies. The generating of cryptocurrency involves proper problem-solving and calculation; this is something only top processors would be able to do. Since a GPU also consists of a strong processor, it can also be used for mining altcoins, and this very process is called graphics card mining.

Why a GPU mines faster than a CPU.

There is a major argument in the cryptocurrency world about the differences between the mining outputs of a CPU versus a GPU or Mining GPUs in general.

Firstly, the CPU, or central processing unit, is the part of the computer that performs the will of the software installed on the computer. It is the core of the computer; it tells all the parts of the computer what to do by following the program code of the software and hopefully the will of the user. A lot of computers today have multi-core processors (which is almost the same thing as having multiple CPU’s on a single computer). The CPU is usually a movable component that plugs into the computer’s motherboard and sits under a large heat sink which usually has a fan to cool it down.

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Servers usually have little or no GPU facilities because they are mostly managed over a text-based remote interface. Most mainstream computers have much slower but less power consuming and cheaper IGPs (Integrated Graphics Processor). Powerful GPUs are needed mostly for graphics-intensive tasks such as gaming or video editing. Mining GPUs are like a CPU, but there are important internal differences that make them suited for their special tasks. These are the differences that make virtual currency mining far more favorable on a GPU.

Top Mining GPUs

The major manufacturers of the best Mining GPUs are Nvidia and AMD. Below is a list of the top products from both Nvidia and AMD.

  • 1) AMD Radeon HD 7990

AMD claims the AMD Radeon HD 7990, also regarded as “Malta,” is the fastest graphics card, and truly, some of its specs certainly support this claim. It’s a two-GPU graphics adaptor, which means it uses two separate graphics chips that work side by side to provide the graphics. In this case, the two GPUs are fast, and it is what makes this unique. It also has a very large memory capacity and that GDDR5 RAM runs at a clock speed of 1.5GHz.

  • 2) Sapphire Radeon RX 480 NITRO+

The SAPPHIRE NITRO+ Radeon RX 480 is designed for high-quality gaming. It features a 4th generation Graphics Core Next chip with an improved geometry engine, increased caches and native shaders. The NITRO+ RX 480 4GB version has a factory-overclock base clock of up to “1306 MHz with 4GB of GDDR5 memory clocked at 1750 MHz.”

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  • 3) XFX Radeon RX 470

The XFX Radeon RX 470 Series graphics card majorly delivers a problem-free, efficient experience that is essential for remarkable Virtual Reality environments. The high level of innovation that was used and the powerful performance is what enables the Radeon RX 470 to deliver top-level experiences on high-end games, entertainment, and applications. FinFET 14 technology is what aids the Radeon™ RX 470 graphics card to make sure that it operates efficiently and intelligently, driving low system power requirements and cool & quiet operation.

  • 4) XFX R9 295X2

The AMD Radeon R9 295X2 graphics card is the world’s fastest, period. Its immense eight gigabytes of memory and more than 11.5 teraflops of computing power makes this card the ultimate graphics champion.

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Also known as the “GEFORCE GTX 750 TI”, it has a CUDA core count of 640. It also has 2GB memory. The memory clock is 1,350MHz. In the stock design, the GPU runs at incredible speeds boosting from 1,020MHz, to 1,085MHz where thermal limits allow.

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