5 Best Peercoin Mining pools 2018

Another wonderful cryptocurrency that has people talking, is Peercoin. Also regarded as PPC, Peercoin is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that uses both proof-of-stake system as well as proof-of-work systems. While it got its initial inspiration from the pioneer, Bitcoin, and it shares its source code, it has soon advanced creating more features and offering certain advantages that Bitcoin doesn’t have. It was launched in 2012 and so it is one of the not so old cryptocurrencies. Amongst its many unique features, it offers low consumption of power than a good number of altcoins, its use of a hybrid (proof of stake and proof of work) service, and its ease of use, rank high as reasons why Peercoin is a wonderful cryptocurrency to use.

What are Peercoin mining pools?

Before you can successfully use the Peercoin altcoin, you need to have first been able to mine it. Before going into Peercoin mining pools, we need to first get the concept of mining pools. As far as cryptocurrencies are concerned, mining pools are basically where miners pull their resources and create some sort of pool, in order for them to be able to share the profit they make equally. In essence, rather than being stands-alone, they get to share their processing power on singular networks. While there are mining pools for different cryptocurrencies, some having the power to even mine multiple altcoins, our focus is on Peercoin mining pools now. Before deciding which Peercoin mining pool to join, you need to be sure about how each pool shares out its payments and what fees it charges for it. Note that profits derived from mining pools are distributed proportionally to the hashrate, as well as the computational power that is provided by your machine generally.


Top 5 Peercoin Mining Pools of 2018

  • Coinotron

One of the top Peercoin mining pools is Coinotron and it has wonderful reviews so far. Basically, for every block that is generated in our pool we derive an amount of coins and this is what we then split between miners based on the amount of work they do. Some unique features of the Coinotron is that you enjoy automatic payouts every 120 minutes, it has a very easy to use api, a long history of very stable payouts, the use of charts to show progress, a very high security protocol as user passwords are hashed and then salted, the use of Stratum support in all pools, two-factor authentication using google, the use of secure servers that are highly secured and DDOS protected, and a website that is properly protected against attacks. It is no doubt one of the best ever.


  • Ecoining

Another wonderful pool is known as Ecoining. Of the many Peercoin mining pools, Ecoining is a Peercoin mining pool with unique features, charging just 1% fees as well as having a PPLNS payout system. Ecoining offers you a Dynamic PPLNS payout system, it is VARDIFF Enabled, has super-fast Payouts as you require only 10 confirmations as oppose 520, an interesting English and Spanish support, DDOS protection and it is SSL Enabled. PPLNS stands for Pay per Last N Shares and what this means is that block rewards are shared across board, disregarding round boundaries. Whatever share-variances that could arise, can be reduced at the cost of increased maturity time. It is one that you would enjoy for mining Peercoins.


  • Multipool

Generally, Multipool is one of the common mining pools. This is because it mines a vast number of cryptocurrencies. It has a multi-coin profit-switching mining pool and it was the first pool to give the choice of a port that switches automatically depending on coin profitability. It mines Bitcoin, Terracoin, Freicoin, Namecoin, Dogecoin, Zetacoin, PeerCoin, and a host of others. Some of its features include its fast and responsible support system, its SSL encrypted user interface, a proper full per-user and worker statistics, a well thought-out list of frequently asked questions, API in JSON format, Stratum, the ability to use on android devices, and it is very transparent. Since it, launched in 2012, it has expanded and grown every year. Now, it mines over 20 unique altcoins all you have to pay Multipool is a 1.5% fee. Peercoin mining pools have never been better.


  • Mining pool hub

While Mining pool hub is not a common mining pool for Peercoin, this mining pool also mines a very large range of altcoins (over 20 as well). It is great with the services it provides, security is steady, payouts are relatively fast and its customer or client support is very good. In terms of fees, Mining Pool Hub charges a developer fee of 1% as well as a 2% fee, for dual mining mode. They even provide services to Europe, U.S and Asian countries and generally contribute almost 10% of hash rate power.

  • Give Me Coins

Last on our list of top Peercoin mining pools is ‘Give me Coins’. Interestingly, this mining pool is evolution from the original Litecoin and FeatherCoin pools. It also runs using the PPLNS payment method, and they are very big on taking new and innovative ideas. They incorporate a lot of the suggestions and requests which people have made and they implore that you send more ways they can do better. As they like to say, “It was created by miners, for miners.” Other unique features include its 30 confirmations to payout, Stratum protocol, dedicated Servers that are put to use 24/7 including round the clock support, DDoS protection, and Dynamic difficulty. More so, you have the opportunity to track your account and use a very user-friendly custom made app. The app is available on android and iOS devices and can be obtained from the google play store as well as iTunes. As if all of this wasn’t enough, they do not charge fees! However, they encourage their happy customers to donate fees as they deem fit in order for the smooth running of the mining pool. It is certainly a wonderful option to go for.


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