University sports day slid into vicious conflicts between adversary supporters on Sunday, as students were seen tossing flares and containers, consuming pennants and droning injuries tunes before many observers. The conflicts occurred among students from the Universities of Sussex and Brighton-who were seen wearing tribal face paint-brought about a few students being taken to doctor’s facility after they were hit with containers and different shots.

In the midst of the savagery, one student accepted to have debilitated another with a blade, as stewards and cops attempted to control supporters on either side. Battles between opponent gatherings of students are accepted to have begun after Sussex supporters were heard droning provocative serenades towards the Brighton observers.

As indicated by various spectators, the students, depicted as ‘elegant young men’, droned ‘we get AABs, you get STDs’, while others yelled: “your father works for my father.” Accordingly, various Brighton students reacted by destroying handcrafted Sussex banners.

However the series of clashes between supporters, portrayed by the administration from both colleges as ‘stunning and dishonorable’, required police intercession and brought about various adjacent bars being shut, trying to keep the brutality from heightening.

Reports show that no less than two female students are accepted to have been harmed in the wake of being hit by shots amid the match, which likewise observed supporters organizing a pitched attack.

Meanwhile, a formal investigation has been launch with the offenders possibly confronting expulsion if caught in the act. The vice chancellors of Sussex and Brighton, Professors Adam Tickell and Debra Humphries also express their disappointment in the incident. They revealed that the scenes saw at the yearly varsity sports day were stunning and despicable, as all the perpetrators will be severely punished.

In an online media chat with some of the students, as regards the violence, many students express their mixed feelings which are not encouraging. A member of the Sussex women’s rugby team; Charlotte Eaton reveal that Brighton fans bombarded the pitch, so they put a stop to the match which was almost through. At that point, the fans were tossing flares at each other and containers- I almost got hit by one, said Charlotte.

Another onlooker said that the absence of stewards present at the apparatus had exacerbated the issue. A few students were harmed; many students were lying around with bleeding faces. I’ve never observed anything like it before-said the spectator.

However, another student told the Sussex university online daily paper, The Badger, that they could have kept this with the better arrangement. Also, once the match was canceled as a result of battles, they could easily have individuals out in smaller gatherings to make it more secure.

The Student Union of Sussex University also condemns the ugly incident and scaring conduct. They promise to find out what happened to working hand in hand with the police, security agencies to provide useful information that can yield good results. We, therefore, appeal to all the students to embrace peace in future events.











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