Why Pakistan will win against India in Champions Trophy – 2017

Cricket is an exciting game in Asia, especially if it occurs between the most powerful teams in the world. Pakistan and India are two among the most powerful teams that are arch rivals in the field. In fact, there is an astounding excitement playing in the minds of cricket fans while the two teams are in the field. Luckily, the cricket fans are going to enjoy another exciting match on 18 June 2017. This is the final match of Champions Trophy 2017, which is going to occur between the two arch rivals Pakistan and India. In this article, I am going to show you why Pakistan will win against India in the match.

Depth in Batting
Depth in batting is a significant thing to consider as it can change the possibility of a match. It is, to be precise, the lower order batting that has brought Pakistan to this position in the tournament. In this case, Mohammad Amir is playing a vital role. Coming in at the 9th order in batting, he scored 28 runs from 43 balls against Sri Lanka. Hence, he has proven that he is no longer a mug. In fact, all the lower order batsmen of Pakistan are in good form in the tournament. As a result, if the top and middle order batsmen cannot play their role, then the lower batsmen can revive the hope of a good score in the match.

Good Form in ODIs
There is no doubt that Pakistan plays great ODI matches. India lags behind in this component. They have won fewer matches than Pakistan in ODI matches. So, there is a great chance for Pakistan to win in the final match of Champions Trophy 2017 as it is an ODI match. And India has a danger coming to them since Pakistan is good in ODIs. In fact, the players of Pakistan will land in the field with a strong belief to win the match.

In-form Spinners
Though the spinners of Pakistan could not play well in the first match of the tournament, they have now overcome their weakness and turned themselves into high-pledging performers. For example, Imad Wasim proved himself against South Africa, bowling with a spell of 8-0-20-2. Shadab Khan has also proven himself by putting a lid on the scoring with a mind-blowing economy of 4.66 on some in-form as well as outstanding batting wickets. Finally, Pakistan was able to put English team on the ground in the last match because of the spinners. So, the power of the spinners can undoubtedly be imagined.

Two Formidable Players
Though all the cricketers playing in the squad of Pakistan are in good forms, there are two players who are playing outstandingly. The players are Fakhar Zaman and Hasan Ali. After a great loss in the first match, Fakhir Zaman has come up with a formidable figure in batting. He has proven that Pakistani batsmen have a great caliber. He scored 138 runs in three matches with a good strike rate of 117.94. So, we can expect that he is going to make another great score in the tournament. On the other hand, Hasan Ali, a 23-year-old pacer, has climbed up the ladder to threaten the opposition. He is currently in the leading position of the top wicket-takers in the tournament. He snatched 10 wickets in only four matches. So, he is definitely going to be consistent to take wickets in the tournament.

Experienced Heads
There are a number of experienced cricketers in Pakistan team such as Mohammad Hafeez, Shoaib Malik, and Azhar Ali. These players played a vital role in the semifinal match against England. So, they are also in good forms. Undoubtedly, they will try to keep consistent in the final match as well. In fact, they will try to give their best as India is their arch rival.

To conclude, the points discussed above show that Pakistan has a great possibility to win the match against India. So, Pakistani fans have nothing to worry about the match as the head of the winning point is on behalf of them. In fact, the indomitable batsmen and the formidable bowlers of Pakistan will put their best efforts to make a new history. Ultimately, we are going to enjoy a great as well as heart-rending match as the match is going to occur between the two arch rivals in the cricket world.

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