Cars’ Smart Speed Control System– A blessing in disguise


Are you tired of driving a long way to and from work? Do your relatives live in places far – off that you can’t visit because of the ruthless long drive?

Well, what you’re about to read might change your traveling style for good.

Automotive companies have started equipping the newest of their car models with Smart Speed Control System. Talk about executive, luxury or SUVs, smart speed control system is being implemented in most of the recent models of giants of automotive industry.

The smart speed control system also referred to as the ‘cruise control’. It can be used to perform multiple functions, such as:

  • To maintain a certain cruise speed
  • To be used a speed limiter

Where the cruise control helps to maintain a specific speed indicated by the driver and speed limited helps the car to stay within limits of a particular track.

Back in the day, the speed control options were just ordinary; the driver could accelerate up to the required cruising speed using the accelerator and then twist the speed controller collar on the stalk shown in the picture.

When the speed control mode is switched on, at a certain speed higher than 30 mph, the car automatically maintains a steady motion at the speed set by the driver as an input. This feature helps drivers, on long drives or traveling on highways, by reducing their responsibility and maintaining car’s speed itself.

However, automotive industries have recently started to equip their cars with state-of-the-art ‘smart’ speed control systems which are not only useful to maintain a constant driving speed but as the name suggests; they are SMART!

This means that these speed control systems are able to make decisions on their own. They can sense when the road ahead of you is empty so that they can keep up with the speed that you set them on to, otherwise, they’ll automatically reduce the vehicle’s speed equal to or lesser than the car ahead of you.  They can even put the car to a stop if there’s an obstacle ahead.

This ability is induced by equipping the car with sensors at the front. The sensors use radiation to send and collect data from the vehicle’s surrounding. There are processors fitted in the electronic system of the car that is then capable of interpreting the received signals and decide accordingly. This idea was beautifully showed off by Hyundai in one of their ads called the “Hyundai: The Empty Car Convoy”.

It is quite feasible to relate the smart speed controlling system of the car to the “auto- pilot” system of an airplane. This feature is slowly gaining popularity among manufacturers and the drivers who prefer comfort over cost. People who have to drive too far on regular basis should definitely consider having one of these blessings!

It is truly said that there’s not limit to technology, after robots, auto-pilot and unmanned aircraft, who thought smart driving cars were the next big thing? Let us know in the comments if you’ve recently known another such technology!

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