Argentina & Chile – World City Series

Vacation plans on your mind lately? Can’t decide which place to pick- Argentina or Chile?

What if I tell you that it is possible for you to cover both the countries in a single trip? Yes, indeed, it is possible. These two countries in South America, share borders all throughout, making it effortless to commute through either of them.

If you wish to visit the northern deserts, head towards the glorious Andes Mountains.  The Lake District and Santiago are mostly the base for all the tourists. You could explore colonial charmed architecture which is neoclassical mostly in Santiago with a chic neighborhood.  Consider walking on foot as every nook and corner give you a peak to an elaborate piece of history. When you head towards the south, mesmerizing landscapes of Patagonia would leave you speechless. Chile and Argentina boast of the best wineries in the world, with that being said, you can have the best wine tasting experiences when on tour. The world’s most celebrated wines come from the wine region of Mendoza- “Malbec”, so be ready to treat your taste-buds to an assortment of the best wines ever. Sample the best wines with stunning mountains as a backdrop.

Buenos Aires is best known for its nocturnal cosmopolitan life style complimenting its culture along with local cuisines of this place. This bustling city captivates everyone with its vibrancy and energy all around. Tango joints, astounding architecture with a vintage charm, historical museums, palate teasing steaks and a blossoming nightlife- This place has it all.

 Patagonia flaunts majestic glaciers, jagged peaks and awe inspiring landscapes. It is shared between both the countries. Considered as “The Kingdom of Glaciers”, Los Glaciers National Park in Argentina is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Snow-capped peaks, ice everywhere, as far and wide your eyes can see, the scene here is a sight to behold. It is a gathering of 47 glaciers with ice spanning to up to 2,600 sq. km. Perito Merino Glacier steals the show with its arms covering 5kms and has a 60 meters high wall.

In Chile, Patagonia, be ready for a picturesque scene of nature’s play, the scene with forests, rivers, lakes, mountains, and glaciers, as it unfolds slowly.  You have the best chances of incredible treks through this region along with enough areas for you to appreciate everything in solitude. It is easy to have a secluded spot away from the tourist trails. Vastness of this place coupled with its beauty makes for a humbling experience. Paine Horns is one of its kinds and is the prettiest valley ever- with hanging glaciers and curiously artistic rock formations.

Puna in Argentina is an adventure seeker’s dream come true. You would have to take an off-beaten track to adjust to its exceedingly diverse landscape. Each of the valleys here provides unmatched Vista to the other valleys. You would come across salt lakes, fields of massive pumice stones, dry and rough plains, vineyards at high altitudes and grassy tussocks.  Salta is known as a plateau gateway. Flat salt fields with an overly hyper volcano, jutting straight upward, Cono de Arita, is a bucket list essentials for travelers

 The Atacama in Chile is one of the driest deserts yet you can be surprised by how many secrets it holds. This place has lagoons, rustic brown colored rocks, volcano peaks as well as salt lakes. As your eyes wander toward the massiveness of this desert, all you see is mostly sand.


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