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Arizona, a state of America, is one of the most famous places in the world. The state offers numerous attractions to its visitors. Vibrant cities, historical settlements, engineering marvels and different museums are usual parts of the state. Undoubtedly, these are the attractions for which people visit the state most. However, we have made a shortlist of top four attractions of the state. These attractions include Grand Canyon, Sedona, Monument Valley and Havasu Falls. There is no doubt that visiting these four attractions will give you immense pleasure. By the way, details about these four most visited attractions are discussed below.


Grand Canyon

Being one of the most famous tourist spots of America, Grand Canyon is situated on the bank of Colorado River. The Canyon was carved by the river indeed. However, most of the area of the Canyon is located in Grand Canyon National Park which is the first national park in America.  The canyon is 277 miles long and 18 miles wide. There are numerous things to do while staying in the area. Visitors can go for hiking, biking, fishing and rafting in the surroundings. Helicopter tours are also available for the non-adventurous visitors. All these facilities make unforgettable experiences for the visitors of the canyon.



Sedona is another great tourist spot in Arizona, which is famous for its red sandstone formations. The town of Sedona offers lots of things, both natural and human-made, to see and do. Some examples of the natural landmarks of the area are Thunder Mountain, Cathedral Rock, and Coffeepot. On the other hand, there are different museums, art galleries, and theaters which are the footprints of the human-made landmarks. By the way, there are some state parks in the region as well. Going to those state parks, visitors can enjoy some activities such as camping, biking, hiking and horse riding, etc.


Monument Valley

Being featured in numerous movies, Monument Valley is an example of the Classic American West Landscape. Though it is called Valley, Monument is not technically a valley at all. It is a broad flat landscape which is best known for crumbling rock formations. The weather of the area is like that of the desert. There are cold winters and hot summers. However, as Monument Valley is a large area, there are numerous things to see all around. Mystery Valley and Hunts Mesa are examples of the most astounding attractions in the area.


Havasu Falls

Havasu Falls, which appeared in different magazines and television shows, is a great destination for photographers. This stunning waterfall has a natural swimming pool of blue-green water and a background of the red canyon wall. There are some picnic tables and cottonwood trees in the surroundings of the waterfall. For these facilities, the visitors of Havasu Falls can relax and picnic in the area. Though it is a natural waterfall, Havasupai Tribe owns it.  However, the most fantastic thing of the waterfall is that visitors have to undergo an adventurous journey to reach it.


Other Tourist Attractions

If you are a full-time tourist, you cannot quench your thirst by visiting only these four attractions. To quench your thirst for Arizona, you should visit some other attractions of the state including Saguaro National Park, Hoover Dam, Canyon de Chelly, Montezuma Castle, Barringer Crater and Heard Museum.


Concluding On: 

Being jam-packed with numerous tourist attractions, Arizona has become a trendy place. As a result, visiting Arizona is a must while you are visiting America. It is a perfect state where both natural and artificial landmarks are available to attract visitors from all over the world. By the way, if you have a desire to visit an American state, you are recommended to visit Arizona.


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