Beijing, China – World City Series

Beijing, China

China- The Country

 China is the second largest country by land area and the third largest country by total area that is the home to the largest population of the world with approximately 1.3 billion people amongst the total of 7 billion world population. The country covers 9.6 million square kilometers of land.

China is a land- locked country but still has amazing scenery, views, and serenity to offer to its tourists and never bores them away. Ranging from a cold desert to a strong high wall built on mountain ranges among deep forests, a tour of China, never ceases to amaze. China also has world’s third and sixth longest rivers flowing across it.

China’s climate

If you’re planning on visiting China soon, you might wonder about how its climate is, which type of clothes you should carry. Well, the climate of China is an essentially dry season and wet monsoons. While China possesses high mountain ranges such as the K2 and Himalayas, it also occurs to have coastal regions which keep the summers hot and humid.


 The capital city of the People’s Republic of China is Beijing, one of the most populous cities of the world. Considering that the origin and history of this city date back to around 3000 years back, Beijing is currently considered the center of tradition and contemporary modern architecture as well as values.


Great Wall of China

As Beijing was once the home to an emperor, it is the hub of many historically and architecturally famous temples, palaces, forts, wall gates, and gardens. It also serves as an imperial capital. Seven of China’s UNESCO World heritage sites are in Beijing;

  • The Forbidden City: Contrary to its name, this is famous tourists’ spot which offers a visit to a real historical palace belonging to the rule of Ming and Qing Emperors, their belongings, imperial gardens, parks and more.
  • Temple of Heaven: Emperors and the people used to visit The Temple of Heaven and the other temples to worship God, to pray for a good harvest. It is an amazing depiction of religion, culture, and architecture altogether.
  • Zhoukoudian: One of UNESCO’s world heritage sites – a museum consisting of many eras- changing discoveries.
  • The Great Wall: The most famous 2300-year-old wall built by prisoners and slaves of the time to protect the land from invasion.
  • The Grand Canal: The longest canal in the world with 1776 kilometers length passing through the land of China that attracts many tourists from all across the world.
  • The Terracotta Army: A place Lintong, Xi’an in province Shaanxi is a museum that holds around 8700 handmade funerary statues that are buried with the emperor or leader of the army. The statues depict the valor yet mortality of their strong and large army and the type of equipment, carriers, and weaponry they used in their battles. These include statues (of height according to ranks in the army starting) from soldiers, chariots, horses.


Easter Chile Island,

In short, China and its capital Beijing holds a lot of non-accredited beauty and the unspoken history to be revealed by intrigued travelers and dwellers from all around the globe. The Chinese have well maintained their religion, language, and culture until now. To explore, pack your bags and head straight to the busiest airport in the world, Beijing Capital International Airport, China.

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