Djenne Great Mosque and History of Timbuktu, Mali

Djenne Great Mosque and History of Timbuktu, Mali

The country – Mali

Mali is a landlocked and Africa’s eighth largest country. Djibouti, Djenne, Timbuktu, old town, Gray Malin, the mail, Mali people, Mali empire, Gray Malin,  and great mosque of Djibouti is all about Djibouti city, Mali. It covers an area around 1,240,000 square kilometers. This area includes The Sahara Desert and two major rivers like River Niger and River Senegal. The country is divided into eight regions and one capital district (Bamako). These areas are further divided into Circles (second level administrative unit of Mali) which are subdivided to arrondissements and communes (third level administrative unit of Mali). There are total 703 communes of Mali, 36 of which are urban and the rest are rural.


It is one of the urban communes that lie within Mopti region of Mali. Djenne is a center of attention mostly because of its organic, mud- brick (made out of earthy material) architecture of the buildings and historical terracotta artifacts. The most famous example of its architecture is The Great Mosque.

Djenne, Mopti Region, Mali Local Time Zone & Map

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Great Mosque of Djenne

This Mosque is considered one of Africa’s most beautiful landmarks because of its unique construction. The Mosque covers around 5,025 square meters of area and is built slightly higher than the plain land to save it from Bani River’s flood. It is made of pure sun-baked earth materials and is very beautifully decorated inside and out. The Mosque is of great cultural significance in Djenne and is repaired every year by locals to preserve its historical architecture during a specially organized festival.

Djenne-Djenno Attractions

The name translates to ‘Ancient Djenne.’ It is an archaeological site in the sub-Saharan Africa. The place along with modern Djenne’s Great Mosque is considered to be of great historical significance and was inscribed as UNESCO’s World Heritage Site in 1988. Historically, these areas were urbanized earlier than the other states. The inhabitants knew how to cultivate, trade and to create sculptures out of clay and terra cotta. These artifacts were discovered in abundance during the excavation of the site done in 1977. Since then, the selling of these antiques is strictly prohibited from maintaining the cultural and historical integrity of the place. These terra cotta figurines of human and animals are known to depict the artistic intellect of their ancient communities.


Cape Town, South Africa
Cape Town, South Africa
[ Djibouti, old town, Gray Malin, the mail, mali people, Mali empire, Gray Malin,  and great mosque of Djibouti is all about Djibouti city, Mali. ]

Timbuktu Attractions

It is a city situated in Timbuktu region of Mali. The place has been famous among tourists because of its great historical and cultural significance that is highlighted especially during festivals, the most famous of which is the ‘Festival au Desert’ which celebrates ‘Peace.’ Timbuktu is also home to several hundred thousand of manuscripts that were preserved by the ancients in walls of houses and Mosques and buried in the ground. These manuscripts and ‘words of wisdom’ are now the most prominent feature of the city placed in several libraries in Timbuktu such as Ahmad Baba Institute, Al-Wangari Library, Fondo Kati, Mamma Haidera Library, Al-Kounti Collections, etc.

Timbuktu also has several guest houses and hotels to welcome the Sahara’s tourists for a stay. These hotels are sufficiently equipped to assist the travelers.  The town is also famous for its legendary tales of Shabeni and Leo Africanus.


Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe & Zambia
[ Djibouti, old town, Gray Malin, the mail, mali people, Mali empire, Gray Malin,  and great mosque of Djibouti is all about Djibouti city, Mali. ]

After the natural wonder of Sahara Desert, Africa contains its ancient beauty in the ruins and still-preserved artifacts in the World Heritage Sites of Djenne and Timbuktu. Famous among travelers and tourists, these are the places worth visiting if one wishes to head out towards Africa.


Sahara, Northern Africa
Sahara, Northern Africa

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