Things to Visit in Papua New Guinea – World City Series

Papua New Guinea

Introduction – Papua New Guinea 

Papua New Guinea is an Island country situated within the Pacific Ocean. Located at the North of Australia, it covers the eastern half of the island ‘New Guinea.’ The capital city of this country is Port Moresby located at its Southeastern corner. The country covers an area of 462,840 square kilometers and stands fifty fourth on the world’s largest country list.

Geographical Importance – Papua New Guinea 

Papua New Guinea is a country with quite a diverse geography. Ranging from coastal areas to mountainous and thick rainforest areas, the country is believed to house much-undiscovered flora and fauna as well as people belonging to undiscovered cultures. This is only of the places near the equator to receive snowfall in its higher regions.


Borobodur, Indonesia
Borobodur, Indonesia

The other most important relevance to the geographic location of Papua New Guinea is it is situated near the Ring of Fire. The Ring of Fire is a 40,000 kilometers, horse shoe shaped, and seismically active region on the earth. The belt and its surrounding regions consist of the highest number of active and eruptive volcanoes as well as the highest amount of plate movements resulting in significant earthquakes and tsunamis.

Papua New Guinea has an abundance of natural resources including some very important mineral and renewable resources. The country also houses several coral reefs around its coasts and is a source of aquatic resources and fishes.

Climate – Papua New Guinea  

Papua New Guinea has a tropical climate. Rainfall is the major variant in its weather throughout the year. The country’s relative humidity is extremely high due to most of its area being coastal; it ranges from 70 – 90 percent. The major worn fabric here is lightweight cotton.


Stone Forest, China
Stone Forest, China

Culture – Papua New Guinea 

Papua New Guinea is culturally very diverse as well. There are many forms of performing and fine arts, weaponry, dresses, languages, etc. But 82% of its population resides in rural areas. The people belonging to mountainous regions of Papua New Guinea have colorful local ritual famously known as “Sing Sings.” They dress up in feathers, pearls or animals skins to represent and celebrate the natural beauty hidden in lives other than Human Beings. People also sometimes arrange legendary battles and musical festivals. Other cultural festivals are as follows:

Festivals – Papua New Guinea 

  • Ambunti Crocodile Festival (Wild costumes and spirited dancing along the coast of Sepik performed as a tribute to the fearsome reptile – the Crocodile)
  • Hagen Show (Competitions of different tribes in their cultural dresses with valuable awards up for grabs)
  • Goroka Show (A colorful event with up to 70 different tribes participating and making merry)
  • The Milne Bay Canoe & Kundu Festival (This event takes place in a small town called Alotau in November, it also features colorful costumes and tribal dances)
  • Mask Festival (As the name suggests, people belonging to various tribes gather at Kokopo wearing tribal costumes and masks and perform ritual dances)
  • Morobe Show (A large-scale show that takes place in Lae consisting of many interactive and participating games)
  • National Game Fishing Titles (A water-sporting event of nine days)
  • Hiri Moale Festival (This festival takes place on Ela beach of Port Moresby that celebrates Mohuan culture).

In short, Papua New Guinea is a small island a significant population with diverse cultures. With different sorts of tribal dances and sports like rugby, Papua New Guinea is an underrated destination that contains breathtaking natural scenic beauty for its visitors.


Angkor Wat, Cambodia

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