2017 Color of the Year – Fashion Prediction


Have you ever imagined what would the world be like if there were no colors? Would it just be white? Or black? Or maybe a combination of both? We’ll never know. But one thing for sure is that we’ll never be able to imagine the world without colorful butterflies and amazing rainbows!

I like to contemplate my surroundings every once in a while, especially when I am in a place filled with greenery. Being able to cherish what I see, to be able to soak in the serenity of nature within me and how relaxed it feels to be there is my favorite hobby. With all this said, it must be realized that colors are nothing but just an illusion that our minds create for us to make sense of the world, the things in it and its people.

Everything in this world, and beyond, is recognized and characterized by the way it looks, how it feels, what it smells like and so on. However, whenever one thinks about nature and its beauty, there’s one thing that comes to one’s mind for sure.

Can you guess what it is? What is one feature that characterizes ‘nature’ most prominently?

Yes, it’s the color GREEN!

While nature might consist of the mighty Rocky Mountains, blue seas or even different skin tones of each person on the face of the earth. But “greenery” is what we usually refer to when it comes to visualizing, imagining or even describing nature.

Every year has its own dedicated color. The one that is, generally, most used/worn and most liked during that period, but most important of all, that color is very famous for its usage in the fashion industry. Just like 2015 had Marsala as its “color of the year”, and 2016 had Rose Quartz and Serenity, the color of peace and freshness, ‘green’ is a color of the year 2017.

Color predictors in “Pantone’s color of the year” have not only referred to green as the color of the year, rather, they preferred to use ‘greenery’, considering it more a feasible word to depict their idea. The reason why they entitle each year with a different color is that they believe that the occurrence of that specific color will “take place in their global culture that year, and that, it will serve as an expression of a mood and an attitude”.

Greenery symbolizes harmony, balance, growth, revitalizing and refreshment. Green is a symbol of reliving, just as flowers bloom in spring, just as a pupa turns into an amazing butterfly. It represents people with helping and observant nature, mostly counselors, good parents, good listeners and social workers.

Color green depicts mental clarity and defines people with good judgment ability. The color is a giver and receiver of love, may it be family or friends. It is a depiction of caring, sharing and hoping. It loves to be recognized and adored. Hence, the color green can be an adequate representation of self-conscious and over-possessive people.

With many amazing shades of green such as pale, emerald, jade, lime, dark, aqua, olive yellow and grass green, this year, we intend to wear green and carry it with the sense of compassion and love for nature and its beauty.

We dedicate the Color of Nature – Green, to the year 2017 hoping for it to be as beautiful as nature is!

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