40+ Exchanges to Buy Bitcoins in 2018

  • Bitstamp Exchange

The Bitstamp exchange is a well reputed, and reliable service in the market of digital currency. It is one of the oldest exchange created for the trading of Bitcoins in competition with Mt. Gox exchange. Mt.Gox exchange is nearly handling more than 70% of transactions of people around the Tokyo. Mt.Gox was brought down by the hack faced by the exchange. In this hack, they lost 850000 coins. Many people lose their money. Due to hack of coins from Mt.Gox Bitstamp become dominant over Mt.Gox. It is good to use Bitstamp, but it is quite difficult for the beginners to work with Bitstamp exchange.

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  • Coinone Exchange

Coinone is actually a South Korean exchange. A platform globally developed for the exchange of cryptocurrency. The crypto exchange is possible against the Koran accomplishment, the currency of South-Korea. In other words, it’s a business of crypto to fiat currency. The objective of the coinone is to transport Bitcoin to the masses. It is basically a forum that provides the users to sell, buy or store Bitcoin, Ether Classic and Ether. Coinone recently added another cryptocurrency known as XRP to its cryptocurrencies collection.  The highlighted point of the Coinone is it has amazingly taken over Ethereum market in a very short duration of time.

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  • Kraken Exchange

Kraken is one of best exchange in cryptocurrency market. It offers various bitcoin to fiat pairs for trading like EUR, JPY, USD, and GBP. Trading with JPY and BTC pair at Kraken is one of the important trade after the collapse of MT.Gox’s. Another feature of Kraken exchange is margin trading. Margin trading offers the ability to influence user’s account balance on some specific pairs which gives good revenue sometimes. The most appealing feature of Kraken is its security. The enabling of 2FA authentication factor and PGP/GPG encryption enhance the security of accounts at Kraken exchange. Fees at Kraken vary depending on the volume of the trade. For the main trading pair, it is between 0.1 to 0.26%  while for other less common currencies pair it is as low as 0.05%  or as high as 0.75%.

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  • Coinbase Exchange

Global Digital Asset Exchange abbreviated as GDAX, is one of the famous exchange for cryptocurrency and fiat currency trading in the world. This platform is the best choice for the professional and expert users of cryptocurrencies. It is building its reputation in the market of cryptocurrency as the industry of cryptocurrencies is growing. As more and more traders are coming in the business of cryptocurrencies so, it is important to understand the difference in the available platforms. It is an advanced platform for serious traders. The Coinbase itself considered as leader exchange in the industry of cryptocurrency when it comes to the trading of Bitcoins.

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  • Bitfinex Exchange

Bitfinex is a Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange for trading. It facilitates the US-Dollar oriented trading of Bitcoin, Litecoin and other altcoins including EthereumMonero, etc. According to recent research, Bitfinex has the maximum size of digital assets than any other Bitcoin exchange. Bitfinex is the most noteworthy exchange by volume of digital currency that Chinese banks forced them to charge high trading fees. The selling and buying prices at Bitfinex is lowest as compared to other exchanges. If the user increases the further volume of the funds, the costs for the trading decline, moreover, the user can trade a large number of Bitcoins on Bitfinex.

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  • Binance Exchange

Binance is the new exchange of the market. It is a combination of two words Binary + finance. Binance established in 2017 and still working. Binance exchange is the fastest growing exchange for trading cryptocurrencies. Irrespective of the short span of exchange it has a 10th position among the highest volume cryptocurrency exchanges. Binance exchange is a popular platform developed by Chinese. It is common for its crypto to crypto exchange facilities. As Binance exchange is new in the market, but still it gains popularity due to its list of coins. It includes BitcoinsEthereumEthereum Classic and 45+ currencies from the list and due to low trading fees. It is also present in multiple languages including Chinese, English, Japanese, and Korean. It has a very simple user interface.

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  • EXMO Exchange

EXMO exchange is a Bitcoin wallet and cryptocurrency exchange developed with the goal of making it easier than ever for the users of Bitcoin. EXMO exchange platform, developed by the professionals from around the globe including Russia, Spain, India, and Thailand who co-operated with financial advisors from the USA, UK, Lithuania, and Singapore to create the best platform for the cryptocurrency. Now, this platform is used by about 1,239,889 people around 200 countries worldwide, according to the numbers available on the official website. The users can trade bitcoin into fiat currencies like the RUB, USD, or EUR while also dealing with cryptocurrencies like LTCDASH, or DOGE, etc. It is an easy and user-friendly interface.

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  • Korbit Exchange

Korbit is one of the biggest exchange in South Korea with higher BTC and soon it will have higher Ether volumes too. Korbit established in 2013, and it is working successfully since 2013 up-till now. The founders of Korbit exchange are Louis Jinhwa Kim, Kangmo Kim, and Tony Lyu. Korbit is also one of the oldest exchange. The exchange built its strong reputation over the years, mainly because of trading BTC/KRW pair for the first time in the history. It supports many currencies of the market. The mission of Korbit exchange is to enable the free flow of liquidity by using new technologies such as Blockchain.

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  • Quoine Exchange

Quoinex is a leading fintech organization that offers to trade, next generation and exchange of financial services sponsored by blockchain technology. Quoinex is the world’s most progressive cryptocurrency trading platform in which a user can trade with cryptocurrencies securely in a market. It is running from 2014 up-till now with success. It is operating globally. People around the world can use it for trading purposes. It has offices in Japan, Singapore, and Vietnam.

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  • CEX.IO Exchange

CEX.IO is one of the exchanges operating globally. It offers to pay for funds via credit card which is one of the features of the exchange that attracts many people towards it. CEX.IO is a UK based platform. It supports different currencies including fiat currency and cryptocurrency. CEX.IO is a registered company, and its physical address is on the official website of the CEX.IO. It has very high fees and hidden charges many people complain about it. It provides good security. The exchange was suffered from the hack in 2013 when it was new a user account was hacked, and he lost the amount of 7000 dollars. So, they have increased the security. It enables 2FA on every account, and it also offers cold storage to keep the funds of the user in storage to save them from any hack. CEX.IO offers different order types; it also offers marginal trading

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  • HitBTC Exchange

HitBTC established in 2014, is serving the traders of Bitcoin since then. It is the best platform for the users new in the trade of cryptocurrency. HitBTC has designed a very easy user interface that a new user can get access to the trading options easily. The Signing-in process is an easy task at HitBTC and navigation throughout the HitBTC is simple and easy. For a new user, it is difficult to understand how the trading process of any exchange work but at HitBTC a user should not worry about it because HitBTC provides a demo mode for gaining the trust of its users.

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  • Bittrex Exchange

Bittrex is a US-based cryptocurrency exchange, and it is a popular firm among cryptocurrency traders. The growth graph for Bittrex exchange is continuous that made it the most preferred exchange of the altcoin market. Another reason for the Bittrex success is the experienced security professionals develop it, and these professionals aim to develop a fast, reliable and simple exchange for the exchange of currency. Different exchanges suffered from the hacks in this industry, so users appreciate an exchange does not have any history.

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  • Gemini Exchange

Gemini is different from the other exchanges. What makes Gemini different from other exchanges is its grip on the rules and compliance. It’s the first US-based exchange registered for both bitcoin and ether trading. This exchange aligns itself with the financial, legal organizations, and the legality gives this exchange an edge over other exchanges. This exchange supervised by the NYSDFS a New York financial service department, according to them this is a trustworthy company, means it can manage the average cryptocurrency traders to the big organizational investors. It is not only appealing because of its visuals that can manage a big volume of traders but also the prices.  Fees range from 0.00% to 0.25% depending on the 30 days trading capacity of a user.

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  • Coinone Exchange

If we focus on the trends of International market, there is a very little scope for XRP, and there is more potential in using BTC/KRW and XRP/KRW trading pairs. The pair XRP/XRW has generated nearly $5.7m. The plus point of using Coinone exchange is it uses a Multi-signature Wallet Technology in collaboration with Bitqo a security providing company of Block-chain in California. Coinone is also the first Asian cryptocurrency exchange to implement this Multi-signature technology for their wallets. This technique adds a layer of protection to the wallet. This technology requires more than one sign to approve the transaction. Coinone also provides the services of the mobile wallet. A mobile device with the Android software version 4.0.3 and greater can download the mobile wallet.

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  • Poloniex Exchange

Poloniex is a US-based cryptocurrency exchange for the trading of Bitcoin, and Eth. Poloniex exchange initiated in 2014, and after the start in early 2015 it was hacked, and all accounts on the exchange were affected by the hack. The Poloniex returned all the money to its customers. After that the Poloniex.Inc Company has enhanced its security, by applying the 2FA factor and cold storage container offline. Similarly, it offers very low prices for trading on Bitcoin and other coins supported by the exchange. Another different feature of Poloniex exchange is it lends money to the people of the exchange.

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  • OkCoin Exchange

OkCoin is an international and one of the most popular exchanges for the trading of digital assets in the world. It offers trading services between the US dollar, Euro and Japanese Yen from the fiat currency options, and Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, from the cryptocurrency options for the customers around the world. The exchange is the project of the OKB technology company limited. The team of the exchange consist of people from the world-recognized organizations such as Alibaba, Huawei, and Tencent.

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  • ACX Exchange

ACX exchange is a project of Australia for cryptocurrency exchange. ACX is the largest liquidity pool and order book for the Bitcoins in Australia and also one of the largest exchange of the world concerning to its volume. ACX exchange is ambitious, awesome exchange of Australia. Since 2013, ACX team is offering simple ways of trading cryptocurrencies to its clients in Australia and for everyone around the world. ACX exchange worked hard to get its position among the top ten globally ranked exchanges so, ACX is a safe platform to acquire Bitcoin. The exchange aims to provide the qualitative, instant and simple trading experience for the clients looking to obtain Blockchain sponsored assets, starting with Bitcoin. Headquarter of the exchange is in Hong Kong whereas its regional office is in Victoria Australia.

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  • LiveCoin Exchange

The Blockchain technology and one of its implementations, cryptocurrency is the future of the economy. Many new and old exchanges are running in the market for the exchange of cryptocurrencies. LiveCoin is a new exchange created by a team of new and young professionals to motivate people to get benefit from the great openings offered by the unique technology of decentralized distribution for digital assets. The message of the LiveCoin exchange is that in the world of cryptocurrencies there are no boundaries, differences by religion and races, everyone can connect to the exchanges via the internet, and as an exchange, they believe they are providing a platform for everyone through which traders can grow their capitals.

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  • ItBit Exchange

ItBit is a well-known cryptocurrency exchange of New York that offers a powerful platform for the trading of Bitcoin. ItBit exchange built for the trading of institutions and professionals of cryptocurrency. Since it established in 2013, the team of the itBit struggled hard to make their name for Bitcoin trading.  In May 2015, the itBit exchange obtained a trust charter and opened a first regulated bitcoin exchange in the USA. The exchange claims to be the only exchange for the traders to access Bitcoin globally and by OTC trading desk. ItBit exchange offers various advanced trading tools, best customer support, and the best class security. ItBit exchange is a New York-based licensed exchange, licensed by the department of financial services New York.

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  • BitFlyer Exchange

BitFlyer is one of the well-known exchange for the exchange of cryptocurrency. BitFlyer is a Japanese exchange now the exchange landed in Europe after getting a license of operation in Europe. The exchange had already expanded in the US last year. BitFlyer is the sixth largest exchange of cryptocurrency market concerning to the volume of the trade. The exchange also claims to be the first ever exchange regulated in Japan, USA and now in Europe. Bitcoin is the prominent currency of the BitFlyer because it is the choice of the users at BitFlyer. BitFlyer support about 287 dollars and more volume of Bitcoin, around the same amount traded on Coinbase. Unlike other exchange which offers multiple currencies for trading, BitFlyer offers Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, EthereumEthereum Classic, and Monero.

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  • Gate.io Exchange

Gate.io is one of the projects of Gate technology Inc. The exchange aims to provide the security. Based on the experience of the user the exchange does not only provide a secure, simple and rational Bitcoin exchange but also assure the user that they protect the assets and trading information of the user. They have many technologies to secure the accounts of the users like they have super secure SSL link and offline Bitcoin wallet technology. The exchange also offers two-factor authentication. It is also well-known exchange for the cryptocurrency exchange. It is famous for instant deposit and withdrawal of cryptocurrencies. It offers low fee, no fees for deposits, low trading fee, and it also offers low withdrawal fees with optional withdrawal services. Gate.io is a new exchange for cryptocurrency trade, and it offers more than 20 digital coins. Its website is in Chinese and English. Gate.io exchange is targeting on Chinese investors to trade crypto via their exchange because many large exchanges stopped trading in China by the end of September 2017, after the government banned Bitcoin and other digital coins.

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  • Yobit Exchange

Yobit exchange established in early 2015. It is a new exchange in the market of cryptocurrencies. Its prime focus is on the Russian and Chinese traders. It offers hundreds of digital coins against BTC and Yobit exchange also deals in Russian Rouble (RUR) and USD. Yobit also has gambling and lottery services. Yobit exchange has a simple and a user-friendly interface. A user can get a full trading trend on the single screen. It offers immediate deposit and withdrawal of funds.

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  • Cryptopia Exchange

Cryptopia exchange has many advantages one of them is it supports many cryptocurrencies so; a trader has a choice from the list of currencies as compared to other exchanges. It offers PutinCoin, MagnetCoin, and something known as King93 from the list of digital assets. Not only the exchange has a wide range of assets, but it also offers direct exchange between the various popular currencies such as Ethereum, and Litecoin. The feature of direct trade between different digital coins so, now a user can directly transfer funds and there is no need of converting everything into the Bitcoins first before converting them into another cryptocurrency. Cryptopia exchange does not have any record related to hacking.

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  • BTC-e/ WEX Exchange

BTC-e exchange established in July 2011 and till 2015 it holds the 3% volume of the Bitcoin market around the globe. From 2017, BTC-e exchange established the fiat to crypto exchange. It permits the trading between the U.S dollar, Russian ruble, and ERU from the fiat currency options and BitcoinLitecoinNamecoin, Peercoin, Novacoin, Dash and Ethereum from the cryptocurrency options. It is available in two different languages including English and Russian.

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  • Bithumb Exchange

Bithumb ranked among the top 10 biggest exchanges of the world regarding trading volume. Bithumb also offers low trading rates as compared to other exchanges. According to a survey Bithumb comprises 75.7% shares of South Korean Bitcoin market volume and 10% shares of the global Bitcoin market volume. Bithumb also holds the 50% South Korea’s Ether trading. Bithumb is famous for its trading with Korean Won (KRW) like Coinone. It supports several trading pairs including BTC/KRW, ETH/KRW, XRP/KRW, LTC/KRW, and DASH/KRW as per the list of currencies. No other pairs are available for trading on the Bithumb at that time. Bithumb also permits users to buy Bitcoin gift vouchers.

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