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We have two options which may suit you.

  • Number 1: We can provide you a direct banner ad. You can have an ad ” in the article”, “in the footer of the web”  or “in the sidebar” as sticky. Our price for 4 months will be 200 USD.
  • Number 2: Guest Post: You can write for us, the article should be relevant to the category of the web. In the article, you can have one direct do follow permanent backlink for this. We will charge 75 USD for one guest post.

Payment Methods: We accept transfer via western union, Bitcoin’s (coinbase exchange rate), and Paypal. 

Process: Please email us at with your offer, and we will get back to you in 24 hours. Thanks

If you need any other service or want to discuss in detail, you can contact at our email Thanks and good day. 🙂