Top 10 Best Bitcoin Investment Sites (trusted investment sites) 2018

Bitcoin Investment

Bitcoin is the most valuable digital currency today, and this has made it the best to invest in.  In the world of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin remains in the spotlight, especially because it has price stability. Since the Bitcoin was released in 2009, it can be said to have added immensely, to the world of financial operations.

Fintech companies, financial markets, financial institutions and even investors, are interested in this digital currency, because of its usefulness in almost any financial operation.

In fact, investing in Bitcoins currently offers more benefits than investing in gold.

Should I invest in Bitcoins?

Every major object of investment in the financial world has the ability to be valuable in itself, while also serving as an object of exchange. Bitcoin does not only have value as a currency but has also become an object of exchange, like stocks.  Its steadily increasing price also makes it the best option for recent investments.

The Bitcoin typically soars high in price for a long while and then drops for a short while, after which it surpasses its previous high, so basically, and from its history, each time this digital currency declines in value, it means in a short while, there will be a quick hike in its price.

Can I make money with bitcoin?

The ease of prediction of the price of Bitcoin, ease of acquiring, selling and monitoring this coin, as well as its high demand due to its limited supply; make Bitcoin one of the best financial investments available.

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Multi-millionaires and billionaires from across the globe who find cryptocurrency investment increasingly profitable, naturally run to Bitcoin – even the world’s richest man, Bill Gates, is a Bitcoin investor. Whatever has the potential of replacing banks, will be embraced by any future-minded investor.

How to invest in bitcoin stock?

Because many people are aware of the high yield associated with Bitcoin investment, there are now many ways to invest actively and directly in Bitcoin, even without a third party.  Many scam investments have also been introduced, which appear to be efficient, but only for a while, they are called HYIPs (High yield investment programs), and as usual, they pay the fastest.

We will not include them among the investment sites in this guide.

Bitcoin Investment strategy

Consider the following factors before you select any platform to invest in Bitcoins.

  • Secure: choose the ones which are the least susceptible to cyber attack.
  • Reliable: they should have been up and running for some time, and sure to dish out payments
  • Legitimate: check if the investment is legally allowed to operate in your region.

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Top 10 Bitcoin Investment Sites / Bitcoin Trading sites

  • 1) BitMEX – Bitcoin Trading Platform

BitMEX is a Bitcoin margin trading site, which lends Bitcoin to you, in addition to your trading capital, allowing you to make more profit than you could have with your money alone.

BitMEX is the leading Bitcoin margin trading site and is also a Bitcoin exchanger.

  • 1.1) Bitmex Review

BitMEX offers a trading leverage of 100:1 which means you can borrow 100 times of any amount of money you wish to invest in the margin trading. It offers 10% off on all trading fees for the first 6 months. It has high-security levels and is not suitable for beginners.

  • 2) Bitfinex

This is also a margin trading platform, and it has high liquidity rates.  Using bitfinex, one can borrow Bitcoin in addition to theirs and sell them when the price increase and one can also lend Bitcoin to a party, of interest.

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eToro is one of the best Bitcoin investment sites, and it began in 2006. It is a trading platform, which claims to have millions of users in up to 170 countries worldwide.  They are regulated by the National Futures Association (NFA) and by the CySec in Europe, and it is safe.

3.1) eToro Review and eToro Fee

It offers trading in Bitcoin and other altcoins such as Ripple XRP, Dash, LiteCoin, and Ethereum. In addition to all of these, it is has a user-friendly interface and offers quick payments (depending on your location). It is a secure platform for trading cryptos.

Etoro charges no fee for trading, but it charges the fee for account opening as a subscription. It ranges from 50 USD to 1000 USD depending upon the account size. It also offers various bonuses for referring to friends and family.

  • 4) Coinone – cryptocurrency exchange center and foreign remittance

Coinone is actually a South Korean exchange. A platform globally developed for the exchange of cryptocurrency. The crypto exchange is possible against the Koran accomplishment, the currency of South-Korea. In other words, it’s a business of crypto to fiat currency. Please see our complete guide about “Coinone review“.

  • 5) 1BROKER – Bitcoin Forex trading

This is one of the Bitcoin investment sites where Bitcoin can also be traded as stocks or forex. It is special because, if you are new to this form of investment, you can check out the trading tactics used by the masters. The risk level of any trade option is also disclosed to you. It only trades in Bitcoin and is private.

  • 6) Bitcoin Crypto bank

This is a Bitcoin bank which was opened in 2014 and allows you to deposit idle Bitcoin, for interest. It is a private investment company which lends Bitcoin to other parties and invests in the Bitcoin you deposit with them. It guaranteed high yields for low fees.

  • 7) HitBTC – The most advanced cryptocurrency exchange

Hit BTC offers a high volume of Bitcoin trade, making it a profitable investment site.  It has a demo mode where you can practice how to trade, just like in real life.

7.1) Is hitbtc safe?

Verification of this site is very difficult, and payment isn’t instant, but fees are low, and it is secure. Also, see our complete guide about “HitBtc Review“.


  • 8) Kraken Exchange – Buy, Sell and Margin Trade Bitcoin (BTC)

Kraken is one of best exchange in cryptocurrency market. It offers various bitcoin to fiat pairs for trading like EUR, JPY, USD, and GBP. Trading with JPY and BTC pair at Kraken is one of the important trade after the collapse of MT.Gox’s.

Another feature of Kraken exchange is margin trading. Margin trading offers the ability to influence user’s account balance on some specific pairs which gives good revenue sometimes.

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This is one of the best Bitcoin investment sites, and it is quite new.  BINANCE requires verification and charges very low trading fees. It is also easy to use and offers the highest number of coins to trade with.  These coins are bought and sold when their prices have increased. BINANCE is also secure.

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Poloniex was founded in 2014 and is all about cryptocurrency trade and is also a Bitcoin exchange. It has the highest trading volume among all other Bitcoin exchanges, meaning it has high liquidity rates and is profitable for Bitcoin trading.

Over ten different cryptocurrencies can also be exchanged for Bitcoin here.

It requires verification and is secure, but has a slow customer support. Fees charged on Poloniex depends on the trading option carried out. Bitcoin investment is not so difficult, and it yields huge profits.

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