6 Ways to Buy Bitcoin Without Verification or ID Anonymously in 2018


It is no longer a secret that almost everything done online can be tracked. People no longer have the privacy they want to as long as their transactions are carried out on the Internet. Same with bitcoin, it is not completely anonymous as long as identifiable information such as utility bill or email address or government I.D is inputted on a bitcoin exchange when trading. Whatever transaction being carried out by the user can be tracked. Also, every bitcoin transaction is actually recorded on the blockchain this also makes transactions open. There are, however, ways to buy bitcoin anonymously without I.D and they include:

6 ways to Buy Bitcoins Anonymously

  1. Buying bitcoin with cash
  2. Bitcoin mixing
  3. New address for transactions
  4. No Log virtual private network (VPN)
  5. Bitcoin ATM and Prepaid card option
  6. By using a TOR browser
  • Buying bitcoin with cash

You can buy bitcoin anonymously by paying in cash and in person. There are several available platforms that enable you to do this like:

  • The local bitcoin (LBC): which is a peer-to-peer bitcoin exchange where buyers and sellers interact to trade cryptocurrencies. LBC is just an escrow manager; sellers actually determine the price they wish to sell their bitcoin. To register on this platform, you will be required to input your email I.D, but this can be bypassed by using an alias email.
  • Wall of coins: which is cash-based bitcoin exchange where bitcoins are held in escrow until the buyer deposits cash in the sellers account at a bank. After the deposit is confirmed, bitcoins will then be released.
  • Change or ShapeShift exchange: which allows you to use an alias email I.D to register after which you can buy bitcoin anonymously. You, however, need to have altcoins like Ethereum, Dash or Litecoin to exchange for bitcoin. It doesn’t even require any form of verification to buy bitcoins.
  • Mycelium and Bitsquare (BISQ) exchanges: Mycelium connects buyers and sellers while Bitsquare is a decentralized exchange available on desktops and it decentralizes every aspect of the trade from placing orders to matching and executing orders.


  • Bitcoin mixing

This is a process that tries to prevent linkage or tracing of a person by breaking the link between bitcoin addresses either by creating temporary addresses or swapping coins with other addresses. It is a paid service.

  • New address for transactions

Some bitcoin wallets generate new receiving addresses anytime you receive bitcoins. This enables you to buy bitcoin anonymously.

  • No Log virtual private network (VPN)

This is a network that does not keep your activity history on their servers. You, however, have to trust the VPN service provider not to store your activities as promised. It encrypts your internet traffic and routes it via multiple servers at different locations before it reaches its final destination.

  • Bitcoin ATM and Prepaid card option

You can buy bitcoin anonymously via the nearest bitcoin ATM available to you by paying I cash and then instead of inputting your bitcoin address when asked, just indicate you don’t have one in which case, a paper address will be generated for you. You can then import the private key from the paper wallet later and send the bitcoin to wherever you want. Or you could get a prepaid card at any supermarket and then use it to buy bitcoin anonymously at some exchanges without any form of I.D.


  • By using a TOR browser

Tor helps you stay anonymous by encrypting and routing your internet traffic to random computer nodes on its network before it reaches its final destination thereby making it difficult for your IP address or system from which the transaction was made difficult to pinpoint. However, it isn’t useful if you use KYC enabled bitcoin sites like Coinsecure, etc.


Expert’s Opinion

You should know that if you want to access bitcoin exchanges and buy bitcoin anonymously, you should use a VPN or TOR, use public or burner phones to arrange face to face meetings, use a public place where you have access to free Wifi and use public transport. Do these for security purposes so you don’t lose your money.



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